Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sometimes art just speaks to you!

I don't know if it is known by the general public, but there seem to be armies of christian youth groups out there making pictures and posters for overseas service members. Most of them say some sappy christian slogan like "Be Strong Because Jesus Loves You..." or some drivel like that. Every once in a rare while one of the pictures will be signed by some kid who actually has personality and gets what is going on here. Our Marine Gunny wrote back to some kid who drew a picture of a vicious dog holding a big K-bar style knife. The kid wrote that he wanted to be a marine and kill. The Gunny read that and immediately liked that kid. So far I have never been much inspired.

Until TODAY!!!

This was on my door. Someone got this in the mail from some preschool... they thought it was appropriate for my door.

"Thanks Lawson! You're a sharp kid, though no pilot smiles that big standing next to the RQ-1 Predator."

This was on the Canadian Pilot's door... (Close to the canadian flag...)

"The kilt is a nice touch, that is how we knew it was a Canadian in the picture."

An abstract piece by Colton titled "Jalalabad: poppies and dust."

"...I agree."

Any by far the local art critic's favorite!

"That's the spirit kid! We do too!"


Broheim said...

Our favorites were prison chicks who were looking for pen palls. I dont know if one of the soldiers started it or the prisoners, but we got some pretty awesome letters with some way out there fantasies. That makes for some great and motivational reading. Guys would have competition on who had the best letter... some were hard to read due to a failure pile of grammar.

Notorious said...

"failure pile" I have never heard that phrase before, but it is excellent!

Gams said...

holy grade-school inspiration, batman!
most excellent, sir. most excellent.

amateur.sophist said...

Dammit. I wish *i* had some prison pen pals.

(Also, will you PLEASE turn off this damn pop-up comment box? The people have spoken)

Notorious said...

And... sometimes a great leader must use his own wisdom and choose what is best for his people even if that may be unpopular among some in his charge. This is one of those cases. The pop up comment will stay. For the simple reason that it is much more efficient especially for those with abysmally slow connections. Take your page for example. To read the comments, one must click... then the whole page reloads showing the comments, then suppose you want to make a comment yourself. You must again wait for the entire page to reload to the comment page. There is two full page loads to get to the point were you can even make a comment. With this pop up set up, the reader can just let the pop up window do all those things with significantly shorter load time wile still letting the reader take in and reference the original post.

I will leave it so that those with ultra slow connections will not be discouraged from making comments thus we will all benefit from their insights.