Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So far so good. I have checked out the Lotus Dealership here. Impressive cars... If you are going to get a super car, I recomend them.

Chestocrates has put me in contact with some of his assosiates... I will possibly describe more when I have met with them in person.

I hitched a ride on a training flight for a special ops C-130 Shaddow. Very interesting.... but only the first 4 hours...

Gentlmen... keep your bears looking for fresh caves.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Detroit = Success

I think that all things considered, the up out numbered the down. The Amature-Sophist's car is completely unuseable and disassembled, the strippers didn't want our money, the pontiac has two bald spots, and several other unsuccesses... but on the up side, there is a partially disassembled fiat in a detroit junkyard, we wern't killed by bouncers, we turned poniac tires into huge amounts of smoke, and the potato cannon can make normally level headed people laugh like sinister mad scientists!!!

Now it is off to Albuquerque (that is actually spelled correctly) for instructor training. Hopefully the adventure will continue.