Saturday, October 24, 2015

Shipping Container Dwellings and Fortresses

As it has turned out, I have spent a significant amount of my adult life living in shipping containers.  

Yes... these things.  

They get sproosed up a bit, so that they look like this.  

These are CLUs or Containerized Living Units.  They are all the rage in your permanentish military base on foreign soil for obvious reasons.  

The interior.

This is a fancy one... A "Wet CLU"

I feel like the medium has a lot of potential that the US military might not be exploring to the fullest.  Earthquake and hurricane proof... not to mention relatively inexpensive with a lot of options for interesting space.  I started off making drawings of different shipping container homes that I thought it might be fun to build some day... but that started taking to long, so I decided to make a few model shipping containers (blocks with the correct relative dimensions) and just start stacking them and see what happened. Much quicker than graph paper and pencils!

This is just to remind you what a stack of shipping containers would look like in model form... perhaps at a shipping yard or port. Most shipping containers are about 8' x 8' on the ends and either 20' or 40' length... just to help you visualize how large these structures would be in real life.

A fairly typical shipping container dwelling configuration found on the internet.  Sort of a covered area in the front with an elevated porch in the back, with plenty of interior space.

But why not have the living space elevated over top of a garage area!

Or better yet, living space elevated with interior shaded courtyard, with workshop space and storage around the courtyard on the first level.

Or shit, lets just build a fortress with shipping containers!

Ummm... so I might have started to get carried away, but either way, here you go into having a full on castle fortress made out of shipping containers!

Or castle with interior garage and elevated living space.

Or post apocalyptic single family dwelling with 32 foot walls, interior keep, and 40' high rampart towers.

Anyways, as you can see.  Lots of potential.  I am sure that such structures are in my IRL future!