Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100 year old building presents a puzzle.

So... I have been coming home from work the last few days around 2:30AM. I come home from work and usually smell like fuel, exhaust, and sweat. Thus I deside to take a shower. Here is where the puzzle presents it self. I am the absolute farthest appartment from the boiler, which is in the basement on the opposite end of the building. When I turn on the shower, the water initially comes out luke warm. After a few minutes it warms up to almost normal hotness, so I hop in... About 30 seconds after I get in the water goes to cold! usually just as I get my hair full of soap. Once it goes cold, it takes several minutes until it gets back to hot, but then it will be steady hot for as long as I want. This phenominon only presents itself when I take showers at odd times of the day, like 2:30 in the morning or 3 int he after noon...(low building water usage times.

Intuitively it seems like the water should get progressively warmer as the shower runs... given that the most resent water to have left the boiler should be farthest away and take the most time to get to my shower resulting in a slow warming of the water as it becomes "fresher" from the boiler. It becomes obvious to me that this is not the process that actually happens.

I have some theories as to what is actually happening, but I am intested in what you cats come up with.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Farmers arn't going to be happy... and Why you don't fly through T-storms

Holy shit!!!

It was raining marbles... Very loud!

My roof covered in about an inch of hail!

The girls are fine though! No Damage that I have found so far.

The trees are all shreaded. (Cameo by the truck)

Instant river in the parking lot.

Time for SCIENCE!!! I cut one in half to see if I could see the rings. No dice, but I have a freezer full of them now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chestocrates is going to fall in love

These are pretty crappy pictures, but this is what Chest has instore in a few weeks. This is Belt Creek. It is about half a hour south of Great Falls. I am thinking several days in a canoe on this river might be just the ticket.

This guy... I don't even know... Appearently he liked the wall paper on the inside of the trailer and wanted to keep it when he built his house.