Monday, May 28, 2007

What tastes good and is easy to catch?

Chestocrates and Notorious!!!!

Closed campgrounds set to reopen

WEST GLACIER — Officials at Glacier National Park expect to open two backcountry campgrounds closed the past two summers because a grizzly bear and cubs frequented them.
Park officials say the Old Man and Morning Star campgrounds are likely to open on July 18, but at this time, Aug. 1 is the earliest date for which reservations are being taken.

In early July, bear specialists will spend several days evaluating the behavior of grizzlies. If that work raises no concerns, then trail crews will go to the Old Man and Morning Star areas and do work put off the past two summers. The work includes removing an old spur trail to Old Man Lake, a trail officials say has drawn bears to the campground.

Four wolves killed after livestock deaths

BOZEMAN — Four wolves have been killed following livestock losses in the Madison Valley, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks said.
Officials in the federal Wildlife Services agency killed the wolves between April 24 and last Wednesday, according to Fish, Wildlife & Parks, which said an investigation tied the wolves to deaths of three calves on private land.

The state agency authorized killing the wolves and said the action was necessary because attacking livestock had become habitual.

"When a wolf pack focuses on livestock on private land as a food source, difficult decisions have to be made," said Carolyn Sime, wolf management coordinator for Fish, Wildlife & Parks. "Wolves that habitually kill livestock do not further long-term wolf conservation on the Montana landscape. More than 300 wolves inhabit Montana and most are finding ways to fit into the Montana landscape."

Friday, May 25, 2007

For Planning Purposes Only!

It is standard practice for Fixed Based Operators, FBOs, (Aircraft service stations) to hire pretty girls/women to work the desks and refuel planes. The idea is to lure pilots to their airport to buy gas. Whether a crew is flying an H-1 buying $600 of fuel or a Globemaster buying $50,000 of fuel, the choice of refuel locations is going to come down to two variables. Proximity to decent cheep food, and hotness of the girls that work at the FBO. This important flight planning info has only been passed by word of mouth with conversations like "Dude, there is an awesome gumbo place next to Chennalt Airfield in Louisiana, you can even order it over the radio." and "Amarillo has this crazy hot chick working there, last time I was down there I was about to get laid until Hollywood dorked it up for me!"

That is until now!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This fact is mind fucking blowing!

"two spacecraft some distance apart in the same orbit could stretch a tether between them and pull it taut, thereby describing a straight line through space different from their orbital path."

Now think about what that implies about the curved space-time theory of gravity!!! I think I have been waiting years to read this paper, and have just came upon it today.

If you can make it through it, I am sure it will keep you up an night for weeks!

P.S. The Speed of Gravity is >= 2x10^10 c (according to this)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Air Show Season!

Every three years the Laurel School system puts on what they call Aviation and Technology Week. (basically an airshow with some companies peddleling stuff like windmills and oil drilling equipment) The Helicopter section was actually at the high school so we landed next to the school gym. Most of the pictures speak for themselves...

Never travel without a fire team... they are always popular with the kids!!!

What Montana airshow wouldn't entertain it's aircrew with a shooting and riding demonstration. After the day was closed we went out to some stables and some dudes shot balloons off sticks with corncob bullets from 44 mag revolvers. (I could never have made that up) It did make me think I need to try shooting while riding a motorcycle! Anyways, after the demo, someone figured out that I have never riden a horse. One of the shooters wouldn't let that stand so he stuck me between his hat and his horse and made me do it. (I am not a fan of horses for several reasons... but I made an exception.)

I am recieving the horse version of the "Houses get bigger, Houses get smaller" briefing.

This is the Marines blowing a baseball field into the next county... and the couties are about the size of Connecticut up here. It looked cool to me!

Look close, it's the stealth bomber.