Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old blogs never die...

Not all blogs continue their lives as useful fountains of wisdom... or even as convenient ways to secretly stock old flames. What happens to neglected blogs? They don't really rust or rot. Unless they are actively dismantled do they last for ever in perfect condition? I have had quite a few blogs linked on mine. Some have been dismantled... some sit static like unfinished conversations. When does a blog die? Is it the day that it's last post has been posted. It could have finished and no one even knows it at the time. Is it the day that it gets pulled from the internet?

These are a few that had been linked to me. Some sit in an unknown condition of dormant, some are totally gone. I occasionally check with hope to see if they have ever updated or been reinstated. But I fear all these are in a more RIP condition... some obviosly for sure.

(pores one out for the blogs) Kodjo of the Sea Try-N Jest of Crates R-also Lois Lane Baghdad Burning Tink' He with the pointy hat

This brings up another question in my mind. Are there thousands of blogs out there of dead people? I would have to assume so. If I auger in tomorrow, how long will my blog exist on the internet. A lot of these things are fairly conversational... It seems that when one stops posting, it is actually a conversation that isn't finished. Is the modern equivalent of "giving your buddy a stack of letters to send home if you buy it," to instead give your buddy the password to your blog with a post prewritten that he would just publish instead? (Probably not a bad idea actually.)

Another thought... Everyone has heard the usually hypothetical question:

"What would you do if you found out you only had one day/month/year to live?"

Are you thinking about your answer......................................................?

Why the fuck aren't you doing it now! What the fuck are you waiting for? Are you waiting until it isn't a hypothetical question anymore? Good luck with that. The only short lives are those that are lived with fear. Any moment you aren't taking your life where you really want it to go is the real waste. Why do so many "SETTLE" for unfulfilling lives? This is the only game there is... why you benching yourself? Am I the only person that gets a tightness in my chest from thinking that I am not living my life to the fullest?

Next and very related question:

Think of the person you are most in love with... now,

"What would you do if you found out that person only had a month to live?"

Again, think of your answer..............................................?

Why the fuck aren't you doing it?

Ok... that's enough out of me! "Peace, Love, and Action."


Jim said...

I do have plans to resurrect at some point. I've had an idea for some custom blog software for awhile now, I just need to actually work on it.

Anonymous said...

If I only had a year to live, I would start knocking off street punks and scum. I can't do that now, since they'd throw me in the brig.

We should get the band back together.

amateur.sophist said...

you fools! you've both proven his point...

now i'm off to capture a dragon!

Broheim said...

Im already getting to do what i love, which is kill lesser human beings... Although, i would pay a lot less attention to UCMJ and ROE, and my men would love me all the more for it. Although Bro, i think you need to find the french and have a drink, you seem kind of tense. That or have a day if the working environment is showing stress between people in the office we go out and do hand to hand combat for morning PT. Everyone gets their issues out. nothing like getting to beat up your co workers... so put some thought into it.

Gams said...

how interesting that you should write about this. a good buddy of mine, justin, was killed in a motorcycle accident a few years back. his myspace page was left up, and is still up for all i know (i refuse to look at it, as i think it is downright eerie to see people still posting to his wall). his brother figured out his passwords and changed his profile pic to one of those southpark personality pics with a halo.
i think i'll leave explicit instructions to deactivate my accounts along with all passwords and a key explaining the content in the event of total shutdown.