Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I can see in color again!!!

(Click the pic for better detail)

This is Montana in it's normal brown monochromatic state. The whole place is either brown or yellow.

Some time in the last 3 days, the whole place turned to an increadable lush green!
(I realize that to those of you reading this in places with regular rain and non-tundra like weather, this may not look so impressive... trust me this is lush. It makes me smile just to see the color green!)

This is the green one. (incase you didn't pic up the subtle difference.)

I think Green is becomeing my favorite color.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It is show time ladies and gentelmen.

I hope all of you have been training and making yourselfs as survivable as possible.

I think we have peaked and the real shit has started. I doubt things will fall apart so fast that I wont get to see all of you folks this summer, but you never know.

Stalker Chick - get the heck out of the suburbs and start studying edible plants.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some times the bar eats you.

This Saterday and Sunday where to be the first races of the season. Things started out with a lot of potential, but... sometimes...

The fifth turn of my first run this season. I departed the paved surface and snaged my wheel on the edge of a ditch. The lower driver's side A arm got pulled right off the crossmember and bent backwards. (Who doesn't love suspencion work.) So... I get to take it all apart again. This delays speed again for drivability. Well... at least my tranny didn't disassemble it self publicly! I also just got my first ignition timing light. This bears further investigation, but I think someone set things up backwards and the ignition advance actually runs backwards... Another reason to go for electronic ignition.

In other vehicle news, I put my truck in park last night and just as I did that, all the transmission fluid "drained" out. Things are looing grim.

"Drained" is a euphomism for a movement of fluid akin to kicking over a bucket.