Friday, April 10, 2009

Czech Microbiologist... I have samples!

Ok, so there is one aspect of life here that I have been neglecting... that's right. "The Women of KAIA!"

Realistically the Guy to Girl ratio around here is approx 2000 to 1. I know what the Tech, AFA, and Malmstrom vets are thinking... "I have seen worse."

True.... whatever... don't interrupt my story here.

So, there are two main contingents that brought their women to war, Belgians and Czechs. The Belgian women are mostly aloof and understand themselves to be the local version of sliced bread. Obviously, no use talking to them. The second group is the Czech women. The excellent thing about former eastern block women is that their men still treat them like garbage... so American style friendliness makes you the nicest guy they have ever met.

So there I was... Talking to this czech hottie. Turns out she is a microbiologist. (in czech accent: Meek-row bee-ologeest) No use fighting it, the czech accent from a women fries my brain ever since I was 14. (Yea... I was only 14) Anyways, this woman is here to czech on water and air quality around the country. (notice scientist style pun) She is here to check on coalition water... but I have some serious questions about some of the water that I drink everyday with the Afghan Army.

I would say that Afghanistan probably has the worst environmental stewardship of any place on the planet. Living in an industrial park/former soviet airfield makes it even worse. Between the air being full of toxic smoke and dried fecal mater and the water being a combination of parasites, bacteria, and fuel contamination, it is no wonder that the average age of death around here is 44. Thank god for the wars otherwise cancer and disease would be rampant!

The same way ER nurses like trauma victims, microbiologist get turned on by nasty water. For a woman with a Czech accent, I know where to find some nasty water around here! I have been very curious about the water from the old Afghan army base anyways. Let me describe this water. It comes out of a hand pump just south of the airfield. When it sits in the cup, there is a fuel oil sheen on the top of the water. I can usually deal with that... I have drank enough gasoline working on my cars that that is no longer a concern for me anymore... but it is the fact that if you let it sit for a while in your cup, it forms sort of a gelatinous film on top that makes me concerned.

Science: It works bitches!

Results to follow...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Replacements... eventually

My replacements are finally getting trained. They should be learning to fly in a few weeks and will be here... whenever. I am getting to be a fairly short timer here, only a few weeks till I SHOULD rotate out. Luckily for those of you who are still interested in the military aviation training of indigenous forces in Afghanistan... my replacements have a blog too so your fix of Afghanistan Antics should continue fairly seamlessly.

The "AWAITING ORDERS" vacation is over boys!

Here is the future of Afghanistan military advisory!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


10,000 HITS

Granted, like the Sophist said on his last big number... it is probably made up of about 3 people who are interested... and they only visit because it is in their morning web page checking routine. But either way. Yea big number. Thank you all for stopping by. I have no doubt you are wiser for the visits.