Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Four Years, Fire

Interesting few days.

The Air Force is going to try and save money by not moving anyone till they have 4 years on station. This puts me here till June of 2008. By far this will be the longest place I have lived continuously ever in my life.

My apparment building caught fire and I had to evacuate in the middle of the night. If you where to have stood up, you could only see people's pants below the smoke on my floor. It was worse on the 2nd and 3rd floors, As I passed through those two floors below me, one had to breath the air down along the bottom 6 inches from the floor. When we got outside, it was literally -5 Deg F. Luckily I had somewhere else to spend the night rather than standing in the parking lot. My stuff suffered no direct damage, but it smells a little like camping in here now.

Also...this kind of thing is apparently on everyone's to do list.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Living alone.

The best thing about living with no mothers around... or any girls at all is that you can assemble engines on the dinner table and not hear a peep of complaint!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Better to spill your seed.

At lunch today someone did the math... of the people I directly work with,(Weather dudes, Fire Teams, and Aircrew) there have been eight unplanned pregnancies. Four have resulted in unplanned weddings. This works out to somewhere between one in five to one in eight guys have knocked someone up... depending on who you include in this statistic.

Fertile SOBs.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Commander's daughters.

Apparently leadership types can have very attractive daughters. I met one tonight out a cowboy bar here in GF. I was trying to order a drink and this very atractive blond says to me, "I know you... I am not supposed to talk to you!" This peaked my interest... so I asked her how does she know me. She says, "You work for my daddy." I though about that and figgured that she wasn't either of Bush's daughters... there is a lot of people between me and the commander in chief, so which boss's daughter is she? Well, apparently a very close boss that effects my daily existance. So I bought her a beer... and said, "I heard you are a born again christian and about 12 years old... what are you doing here?" Her answer was that her father is very protective of her and don't worry about the details. As it turns out, I am dinner conversation around her house. We danced a few songs. She said I was not a very inovative country western dancer... I countered by showing off some john travolta style disco moves, she was impressed. Meanwhile, in the hall of justice, my fireteam dudes where pissing off her friends. It all ends with her making me promise not to tell her 'daddy' that she was in a bar, and a pissed off friends team of Charly Bravo wisking her away. I already had her number from the roster at work...

In other news, The University of Michigan experiments with replacing football cleats with banana peels. The results where quite conclusive, though desidedly negative!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iraq, "probably" not this time.

Some of you may have heard that it looked like I was about to pack my bags again and go visit Iraq. Then, out of the blue, my commander decided to send someone else. I guess to share the fun. To be honest I am a little disappointed, the job was so insane that the idea of it was really growing on me. If another tasking comes down, I still might be sent, but for now... it looks like I will be in Montana for another year and a half... so all you slackers that have been planning to come and visit but haven't made it yet because what ever your excuses... you still may have some time... (but that is like declaring that it will be sunny on the 4th of July in 2007)

This picture showed up in my mailbox today. I don't remember it being taken, but it clearly demonstrates the power of a cheesy mustache! The only thing that could be improved would be if I didn't have a t-shirt on! It may have been cold out, it was last march.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cattle mutilations and wasting your life in 23 second intervals.

The leading headline in today's Great Falls Tribune is "Cattle Mutilations Resurrect Recurring Mystery." Personally I think the wierdest part is that nothing touches the carcasses for a few weeks after they appear. The ETs gave themselfs away this time with the drop and bounce marks! I will for sure be checking out the next dead cow I see that isn't being eaten by scavengers.

And in other news, after not touching my truck for about 6 months... It still runs just fine. Got in, turned the key, started right up. All I had to do was add some tranny fluid and away I went. It even seems to have stopped leaking from the rear transmission seal... which was the reason I parked it in the first place. I never really belived in self healing machines untill now.

Waste your life in 23 second increments here. I practiced for a few minutes but it gets a little insane after 23 seconds. I could see the slippery addictive slope I was sliding down and closed the page. I hope you have the same fortitude. Good luck.