Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter at the grocery store... Dad needs a cat for Christmas

So, my folks came down to visit.  This is the first time that they have both come together to see me since I graduated pilot training.  Not that I think they were opposed to visiting, but I think a trip to eastern New Mexico to stay in a dusty workshop is less likely to make the schedule...

Anyways, it was kind of like taking your vacation with Italians. Most of their time down here was spent in grocery stores, discussing going to the grocery store, and the various merits of all nearby grocery stores...  As it turns out, dinner is an excellent time to discuss what to have for breakfast. Also, my dad is now friends and comrades with the butcher at the Winn-Dixie down the street.  They became superfriends when they got into a discussion about how it helps now days to grunt when you get up.

As it happens, this was the first time that my parents and I had really discussed my going to Mars in person. My mother was not a fan!  Her first protest, was that she would miss me to much.  Though it made me feel bad, she could see it wouldn't sway me.  It made her even more opposed when I told her that skype doesn't work because of the distance.  Her second objection was that I would never give her any grandchildren if I go to Mars.  I told her I would try to make some there for her... also, no good... to far to visit.  Though after a few moments, she reconsidered.  After asking a few questions about how long it would take to get there, what living conditions would be, the possibilities of ever returning to earth... she decided that she would stay in shape and healthy long enough so that she can come visit and maybe even move to Mars too.  This caused Dad to look up from the third book he was finishing this weekend and comment that "she will probably do it too." Grandmothers have been dragging their husbands "downstate" for years to be near their grandkids so I guess this is just a bigger version of that.

Dad mostly thought it was a good idea, especially while watching the news.  Actually he thought it was a great idea when ever the news featured a politician talking.

Also, in other news, it turns out my Dad likes cats!

 It started with Amaretto the cat coming up and tricking him with happy fuzzy purrs... 

Soon they lured him onto the floor by offering to share their favorite cat game.

After a while they were discussing politics and how much the authorities are over reaching into honest hard working people's lives.  Though dad is talking about the taxes and the cats are referring to me not letting them out to kill lizards.  Either way they all agreed... too much government!
(Yes... that is FOX NEWS they are watching at full volume in the background)

Also, all my mom wanted to do was go to the beach and lay in the sun and maybe play just a little bit in the water.  Unfortunately it rained the whole time they were down here.  Except for about twenty minutes while we were here next to this lake.

She didn't get in...

EXPERIMENT UPDATE:  I have to start the rice mind manipulation experiment over.  I opened up the jars and set them on the porch to add a little contamination to move the experiment along. There was a massive storm right after I did that and the jars flooded out.  Stand by for round two.