Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Big Lucid Dream Break Through

Ok, so just a warning, if you start to delve into your own subconscious, it maybe weirder than you expect.

Major breakthrough though last night... I was able to sustaing a lucid dream almost as long as I wanted. The most unusual discovery was playing with my subconscious as if it were a different entity than yourself. Me and myself being different people.

I had kind of figured lucid dreams were the route to being one with your subconscious and all its resources and knowledge. The act of lucid dreaming plays out like this... you are there, basically an immortal god in a world of your own creation. Anything you want, is created, any being, machine, environment... all you have to do is desire it and it happens. I can't imagine anything closer to being all powerful than lucid dreaming. The thing is that when you are there, it isn't even an illusion. It is as real as anything that happens in your physical life.

When it gets weird is when your own subconscious imagination messes with you for it's own fun. I figure, if you really are in your own brain, then whatever you are experiencing must have been created by you. Right? Things should take the form that you imagine they should, because it is your imagination creating them. It should be a closed system. No one in there but you and yourself... So where would this unexpected element come from?

I know that might sound crazy. Sort of if you imagine a you have found a magic Genie, and he thinks puns are funny. Several times I would wish something into existence, find what had been created was not in fact what I had intended, but could be interpreted that way if it was trying to fuck with myself.

"I wish for a million bucks!"
(Suddenly surrounded by deer...)
"Ha ha... subconscious me is being funny again, apparently I have to be clearer with myself..."

That kind of thing.

The other interesting thing I found is that it is easier to sustain lucid dreaming when your dream body is doing something different than your real body. Try and keep your actions as different from laying down in a bed as possible. When the signals and sensations from your dream body start to be similar to what you physical body is experiencing they star to overlap and you will start to wake up. So if you feel yourself start to wake, just do something really physical (in your dream). What worked for me was to run. When I was running, I would go deeper into dream state and when I stayed still, I would start to come out of it.

The only problem with this "do something physical in your dream" model of dream sustainment is that you may accidentally cross the signal and make your physical body do it instead of your dream body. This takes the shocking form of finding yourself awake in shipping container in central Asia having just punched the overhead bunk or the wall next to your bed. I imagine it could also get awkward with your roommates if you try some sort of dream sex act and your physical body acts it out because of crossed signals...

So, in conclusion. When you are by yourself in your own mind, you aren't alone... or you aren't really in your own mind... Think about it! Also, push the bed into the middle of the room for safety.