Monday, December 08, 2008

Expect my rants to get a little more out there...

Today, my friend for the past seven months has left for home. She was here for over 20 months in Kabul. Congratulations on everything. "Educate the women... hmm... why you would do this?" -Beatles (Czech gunship pilot) Drink a Natural Light for me because I know you won't have a Guiness.

Now, without the soothing and mentally regulating effects of having women around I plan to fall completely off the deep end. Heres to exploring my own insanity! (Kodjo, thanks for sending "Villa Incognito." It is a good start in that direction!)

In other absurd news:
My pilots have been drunk dialing me all day to wish me a happy Eid. (Eid- imagine a muslim version of Christmas and Thanksgiving.)

Eid Khoosh!


Anonymous said...

I'll send you my inflatable girlfriend. (I won't need her back, I've got several.)

Bleach should take that smell out.

Gams said...

double x antidote ringing
higher toned confidence
softer skin housing an equal
mind and understanding
from the other side makes it
hard to reconcile the comfort
to the

Notorious said...

Send your inflatable girlfriend. She doesn't mind wearing a burka does she? Incase I have to send her out in town to the market to get cooking or cleaning supplies.

Equal mind? please... with my mind!?!?!

amateur.sophist said...

i'll assume from the lack of posting you found other new and creative ways to keep yourself busy.

Be sure to drink plenty of orange juice.

Notorious said...

Orange juice............. CHECK!
(or a suitable Afghan substitute.)

There is something that precedes the orange juice though. What was it again...? well, what ever it was; I don't have that!

I have just been busy. Shit loads of flying, real missions as opposed to training ones. Big one tomorrow as well! It keeps one's mind very busy... and unfortunately unable to develop full blown enlightened wisdom for my readers to consume.

STAND BY READERS! I have a pocket full of things you need to think about. I write them on the back all sorts of scrap paper. It looks like a recycle bin had babies in my pockets!