Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New guys, women, socks

FNGs... this last week they have practically been naming themselves:
- One guy caught a helicopter on fire with the windshield wipers..."WIPER"

- The next guy was at arctic survival and wanted some food... so he caught a ride with some high school girls down into Fairbanks and then walked through a Burger King Drive through..."DRIVE THROUGH" Don't worry, I am sure he got their numbers.

- And our newest and fastest at naming himself... This guy had been here less than a week. This being Montana, we were having a mild blizzard. About halfway through the morning, someone asked, "Hey! where is that new guy what's his name?" No one had seen him. Not long after that, the phone at the operation's desk rings. "Hey, this is Lt. "who cares"... I was just double checking that I didn't have to come in to work because of the snow day." Needless to say "SNOW DAY" was informed that this base doesn't have such things and that he was late for work. That is as crazy as Alligator Days in Florida!

As for women...
amateur-Sophist: "I just want you to know, good luck: we're all counting on you."
Notorious: Fucking shit... one would think this would make more sense.
Chestocrates: Holds up hand pretending to be missing his thumb. Laughs with crazy look in his eyes.

Now time to check and see if the washing machines are free.