Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The only logical explanation: I blasted it with my mind!

So as I have mentioned before in a post, I am exploring the possibilities of Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, etc...

Unfortunately I do not have proof of having traveled through space and time just with my mind, or entered other people's dreams or anything like that. I am not even going to claim that I have done it at all even with out proof. However, I would like to relay an interesting anecdotal happing from two days ago.

I had been reading a book on the subject of Astro Projection written from a wiccan point of view. Why not right, might as well check on it. A lot of it seems like bunko and... witchcraft... but one technique for separating your conscience from your physical body involved meditating while looking at a significant symbol drawn on a card. The idea being that you travel out through the symbol on the card to the astral plain.

As I thought about it, it seemed to me that what might really be happening is that your mind is more easily focused if you have something for you eyes to look at. A simple drawing on a card simply presents an easy place to keep your attention. Using this logic, I decided to try it.

When I am in bed, I hang my watch from the bottom of the bunk over me. That way, in the middle of the night I can just look up and can see the hands glowing in the dark and know the time. Since I imagined this technique of astro projection basically about giving something to do for your eyes as your mind focuses and separates I figured my glowing watch in the darkness would be a good subject to look at. It was simple in appearance, contrasted well with the background, etc... I didn't think that I would actually travel out through the watch, just that I might be able to meditate more focused by looking at it in the dark.

So I did...

Now, let me explain that this watch is really a pretty darn good watch. It is a 3 year old Citizen Eco Drive skyhawk A-T. It is solar powered so it doesn't run out of batteries and has never ever been off time in the last 3+ years that I have been wearing it. I have banged it around in aircraft, irradiated it with radars at close range, spun high voltage electrical equipment around it and never has it done anything but keep perfect time. I have literally trusted my life to this watch when I have used it as a fuel gauge. I would say it is probably the most reliable mechanical object I have ever used.

Right, so back to the astro projection bit. That night it went down like this: I was laying there in bed, focusing on the watch. I remember doing that for a while... then it was the next morning. I woke up and figured I must have just fallen asleep.

Shit, oh well, I guess I'll try again later.

After I had been awake for a few hours, I noticed that my watch was all kinds of screwed up! Not only was the time off in the digital section, but the hands themselves weren't even aligned with the wrong time! Basically the whole thing was completely jacked up! This watch can display three timezones at once, but they are all synced up at least in the minutes and seconds... Now they didn't even agree with each other in that! This shouldn't even be possible.

The obvious conclusion is that I accidental blasted my watch with my mind as I attempted to astro project.

So, in the name of science I should attempt to do it again. Surprisingly my roommate would not let me attempt it on his watch the next night. Even after I reconfirmed that what he feared was me breaking his watch with just my thoughts and energy of being... he said no... he really liked his watch. I can only assume he can sence my powers!

Don't worry everyone, after downloading the manual from the internet, I have been able to recalibrate my watch and it seems to be performing nominally again.