Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mustaches, savoring the flavor of bacon

I was in one of the squadron buildings talking to some of the pilots here and I noticed that all the Afghan helicopter pilots seemed to have mustaches. This isn't that unusual, helicopter pilots are to mustaches like beans are to farts. You start with the first and soon after girls are grossed out by the second! All that aside, I have been getting quite a few complements on my mustache from the Afghans. I was talking to one of the interpreters about it. He said that all real men must have a mustache. Logical enough. Been here a week and already I am the focus of Mustache envy! (One can assume I am keeping it on the ragged outside edge of in regs.) Apparently in about 20 years, it will be time I should start to grow my beard...

Being NATO, each country seems to get assigned one particular aspect of what happens around here. Americans work with the Afghans, the Belgians make ID's, The Czechs brought the nurses, and the Germans drive armored monster trucks... Well when they where dividing up who does what around here they put the Danish in charge of the food. I will say that the baked goods are excellent. You will never have such a light and flaky crescent for breakfast at any other cafeteria... but everything else is a little... well, have you ever been to a Danish restaurant? Put it this way, there are shit loads of Italians around here, but you almost never see them in the chow hall. They must be making their own food some where! Obviously they should have put them in charge of the food! Nobody I have ever met has a bigger opinion on food that the Italians... and nobody does it better. That's the big problem with this war! (Miss use of assets?) NO! Bland bacon!!! (How can you you even do that? Crappy bland bacon? I would have thought it was impossible!)


Chestocrates said...

It could be that fake turkey bacon garbage, or some similar nonsense. It seems there is some sort of taboo against pork products on that side of the fence.

any desert foxes out there?

Notorious said...

I though about that... No, the Europeans dont give a shit about eating pork. It is definetly bacon. Some how they have managed to remove the flavor. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the food in general... I am just impressed that they have made bacon tasteless.

amateur.sophist said...

that means that somewhere, somehow, there's bacon flavor to be had that has been removed from bacon.

It's only logical

If i come any I'll send it your way.

Notorious said...

That's only logical... actually, the missing bacon flavor was the discussion on the walk to work this morning, and I didn't even bring it up. I guess I am not the only one to notice.