Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Advancing the Science of Morality

I was thinking about things today. Actually about if it is morally right ever to kill another human for any reason. (This was for the most part an academic discussion in my head.) Anyways, I was thinking about the US government's view on this. Let me set up a scenario for these thoughts.

It is against the law to do research on embryonic stem cells because they can be considered humans at the moment of conception. Thus using them for experiments is equalized to killing human. OK, I can accept that line of logic.

On a parallel thought, I am over here with the real possibility of being intimately involved in the killing of another human being. The argument is that it is better for America if that guy is dead... and depending on the way the situation develops, significantly better for me personally if he is dead. In this situation it is considered by the same government to be not only morally acceptable, but in-fact beneficial.

So, now we have a government that bans research on embryonic stem cells because they are humans and have the right to life. At the same time, it grants authority to kill different human beings because it is advantageous to our way of life, or it is in my own defense. In-fact, there is even clauses in our Rules of Engagement that specifically note that I have the "right" to self defense.

From that I can conclude that if it is in my survival interests to kill another human it is legally if not also morally acceptable according to the government.

Now, in this right to self defense... am I morally OKed to kill a person that is about to take an action that will, say, leave me paralyzed but alive? According to this line of logic it is!

OK, now lets take the fantastic leap that some Taliban got the drop on me... and now I am paralyzed. Why would I not be just as morally and legally OKed to kill a different human (the embryo) to restore my body? It is in my survival interests. How can there be any different value? I would say there isn't.

Conclusion: If it is in my interests to kill another human for the continued survival abilities of myself and my genes (read that children) or the capacity to make children, (read that wife, babies momma, or chick I am shagging) it is morally acceptable to do so. In-fact, If I continue this line of thinking, I may be morally obligated to do anything necessary to survive to propagate my genes!

Secondary conclusion: Either the though that it is wrong to kill embryos is incorrect, or the thought that it is acceptable to kill your enemies is incorrect... but they both can't be true.

Next installment: Why curtailing your own population growth is a culturally suicidal decision.


amateur.sophist said...

that's dangerous thinking, son. I suggest you get yourself a bigger gun that's funner to fire.

Notorious said...

I also got a morning full of Islamic wisdom on the ways or women... It was equally as insightful as the last encounter with Islamic thoughts on dealing with girls... I'll drop it on you tomorrow though.

Chestocrates said...

mate feed kill

(flashes back to the Lion King)

"It's the circle of life and something something something."

"something things stuff something! something"

(circle of life)