Thursday, May 15, 2008

Islamic Law, best law!

I know at the end of my last post I said I would explain why it is cultural suicide to not reproduce to the max possible... but I had a conversation with some of my Afghan counterparts that is worth sharing.

In a previous post from what is now a few years ago, I discovered that perhaps the Muslims have their shit together when it comes to women... This idea was furthered today by this conversation:

BG = Afghan squadron commander
N = Me.

(You have to imagine this done in an Afghan accent... then also clarified by an interpreter...)

BG: Are you married?

N: No

BG: Why you no marry... you not try?

N: That isn't it.

BG: Many women... all women like the Islamic Law. It is best law. Women want the Islamic law. Everywhere, Europes, Americas, all women. Is best law.

N: I don't know about that. I have never met a woman that wanted Islamic Law to rule her life.

BG: Yes! All women want!

N: (Facial expression of disbelief)

BG: Islamic Law say that man and woman together for ever. Always together! The woman takes the authority of the man. She want him strong and tell her what to do. Always to many things in mind of woman. She can not think. Need the man tell her what to do.

N: You might be on to something there man, I know a lot of girls that can't think strait for all the thoughts in their head.

BG: It is obvious!

N: I am still not so sure that they want Islamic Law...

BG: Yes! It is the best law for woman. Woman want to know they will alway have the house, the food, the clothing... Most important thing to the woman.

N: You might be onto something here...

BG: Yes. In Islamic Law, woman always has the house, the food... it must always be the case... it is the law! The man marries the woman. He must give her these things. Forever he must give. This what woman want.

(this is not an exact transcript, but it is pretty darn close)

This got me thinking. First of all, the bit about to many thoughts in the woman's mind. That is spot on. Almost all girls I know have so much shit tumbling around in their heads it keeps them on the verge of insanity most of the time. I am not totally sure that they want to be told what to do all the time... but it actually might be plausible on some very deep level.

The second bit seems to be stating that women's highest desires are for security and stability. I sure as hell can't argue that one. How many women stay in "Secure," and "Stable" situations when don't want to, or shouldn't? I have heard many many girls say, "I want someone who will take care of me..." or something along those lines. Of course there are notable exceptions, but they do seem to be exceptions. I would say the vast majority of girls want someone stable who takes care of them... if the girl is in love with him, or if he is a nice guy, or if he is loyal to her that is just lucky for her.

This leads to several conclusions/options for my own life:

First and indisputably, I need to start telling girls what to do more often. Both because it is probably best for them and deep down they like it anyway.

Second, I have a choice to make. I could either get stable and find some girl to take care of... (I am not totally opposed to this idea... I could see wanting to chill for the rest of my life after this business over here.) or I can go around and get all these secure and stable chicks pregnant and let some other sap raise my kids! I suppose there is a third option, I could appear to get stable, take care of one chick, then go around and get other married chicks pregnant. Sort of the best of both worlds.

Anyway you look at it, "Islamic Law, is best law for woman!"


Anonymous said...

The remarks that I have in regards to this aren't exactly appropriate for a public forum. Suffice it to say that I disagree. Be glad that the side-effects of my disagreement can't reach you in Afghanistan!

Allison said...

I think you might be on to something.

It is true for men too. A clear sense of order is comforting. Don't you prefer a commander who is looking out for you best interests, tells you exactly what he expects from you, and follows through on his promises? Maybe this isn't exactly the same as food and shoes, but universally, people like structure and security.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some good cultural enrichment! Watch out though, sooner or later, it's the old bait and switch and you'll find yourself agreeing that booze and strippers are a bad idea. If that happens, request some r@r over in thailand.

Or, construct a yurt, buy a few goats, and marry a walking curtain.

Notorious said...

Of course I am on to something!

It is interesting that you brought up the commander analogy. Yes... I do like those attributes in a commander. Though I don't want a commander for a life partner. That being said, perhaps being a good husband and father is most like being a commander. In this case it is natural for the wife to expect... desire that sort of relationship.

Do I like structure and security? Not actually all that much. Actually they mostly make me nervous and restless... To continue the analogy... rather than be closely supervised by a good commander, I much rather be traveling cross country with just my aircraft... maybe a two ship... in charge of four to eight guys with as little input from outside the formation as possible. I don't like being given little tasks to accomplish, or being told I must meet specific criteria. I much prefer to be working on my own agenda without direction or monitoring.

Also... one of the other arguments that was made by BG for Islamic law was that it is the same as military law. (At least here) No drinking, no sex, no wearing unauthorized clothing, must obey those over you, very strict etiquette on respect... etc. He had a damn good point. The UCMJ is pretty darn close to Islamic Law. Personally I think that it is required for a disciplined fighting force... I don't think it is probably the best for society as a whole, unless you want your whole society to be a fighting force...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that place has already turned you into "wanting to get stable and find some girl to take care of..."?!?!?! What's in the water over there??

As far as "stable and security" go, life in and of itself, is not stable, so a relationship shouldn't be stayed in purely for stability. And security should be something that a person provides for themself, that way it can never be taken away. And when has "giving orders" ever been in your nature???


Notorious said...

Wanting something and not being totally opposed to it are a little different.

Also, I agree with your second paragraph, but it is much easier for a girl to settle into letting someone else provide the security than doing it themselves. It seems there will always be guys willing to "keep" women, and there will always be women willing to be "kept." It could be that this ease / lazyness of letting the man provide for the women is probably what lays the ground work for institutions like Sharia or others were women have fewer rights and are more like property.