Thursday, May 10, 2007

Air Show Season!

Every three years the Laurel School system puts on what they call Aviation and Technology Week. (basically an airshow with some companies peddleling stuff like windmills and oil drilling equipment) The Helicopter section was actually at the high school so we landed next to the school gym. Most of the pictures speak for themselves...

Never travel without a fire team... they are always popular with the kids!!!

What Montana airshow wouldn't entertain it's aircrew with a shooting and riding demonstration. After the day was closed we went out to some stables and some dudes shot balloons off sticks with corncob bullets from 44 mag revolvers. (I could never have made that up) It did make me think I need to try shooting while riding a motorcycle! Anyways, after the demo, someone figured out that I have never riden a horse. One of the shooters wouldn't let that stand so he stuck me between his hat and his horse and made me do it. (I am not a fan of horses for several reasons... but I made an exception.)

I am recieving the horse version of the "Houses get bigger, Houses get smaller" briefing.

This is the Marines blowing a baseball field into the next county... and the couties are about the size of Connecticut up here. It looked cool to me!

Look close, it's the stealth bomber.


Lois Lane said...

did that little kid ask for your autograph?

R2 said...

I can't believe that you are 26 and you have never riden a horse. What's the story behind that???

Notorious said...

Yes that little kid asked me for my autograph! It was happening all day. I really like signing autographs!

Chestocrates said...

That's some fine work.

So what did that kid do with the $5 you gave him to pretend to want your autograph? (probably cigarettes or booze)

Chestocrates said...

(or cigarette flavored booze)