Monday, May 28, 2007

What tastes good and is easy to catch?

Chestocrates and Notorious!!!!

Closed campgrounds set to reopen

WEST GLACIER — Officials at Glacier National Park expect to open two backcountry campgrounds closed the past two summers because a grizzly bear and cubs frequented them.
Park officials say the Old Man and Morning Star campgrounds are likely to open on July 18, but at this time, Aug. 1 is the earliest date for which reservations are being taken.

In early July, bear specialists will spend several days evaluating the behavior of grizzlies. If that work raises no concerns, then trail crews will go to the Old Man and Morning Star areas and do work put off the past two summers. The work includes removing an old spur trail to Old Man Lake, a trail officials say has drawn bears to the campground.

Four wolves killed after livestock deaths

BOZEMAN — Four wolves have been killed following livestock losses in the Madison Valley, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks said.
Officials in the federal Wildlife Services agency killed the wolves between April 24 and last Wednesday, according to Fish, Wildlife & Parks, which said an investigation tied the wolves to deaths of three calves on private land.

The state agency authorized killing the wolves and said the action was necessary because attacking livestock had become habitual.

"When a wolf pack focuses on livestock on private land as a food source, difficult decisions have to be made," said Carolyn Sime, wolf management coordinator for Fish, Wildlife & Parks. "Wolves that habitually kill livestock do not further long-term wolf conservation on the Montana landscape. More than 300 wolves inhabit Montana and most are finding ways to fit into the Montana landscape."


R2 said...

You would think with the amount of guns you own, you would try to put up somewhat of a fight.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think I should be able to run faster than you even if you are better acclimated to the higher elevations. (with a little help from my friends)

-flashes forward to mountain hike-
Chesto: "oh shit, that looks like a bear"
Notorious: "yes, I shall poop my pants now."
Chesto: "what's that in that tree."
Notorious: "hmmmmm!"
Chesto: (shoots blowdart)
Notorious: (clutches neck)"NOooo.."
Chesto: "victory is mine, I'll just be running away now."

-bear chases down Chesto, eats extremely well today-

R2 said...

C: I thought the point of the blowdart to N's neck was so he was the meal and not you??? Maybe you were chocolate mousse dessert?!?!

Notorious said...

Unfortunatly Chest doesn't know about the play dead to grizzly bears trick, so inadvertently his blow dart trick made me uninteresting to the bear who subsiquently ate chest, while paying me no mind. His act of treachery spelled his own doom!

Anonymous said...

Of course, my plan was give the bear an easier meal, but also to kill the bear with the massive dose of neurotoxins in that dart.

Unfortunately, all bears are easily able to spot our feeble attempts at strategy. In fact, somewhere, there is a command center of bears monitoring these channels as I type. We are their cattle, you see.
(put on aluminum foil hat)

Notorious said...

Everyone knows that bears can't defeat a "bear bag!"

(puts on aluminum foil underwear)

amateur.sophist said...

dammit- if you get eaten in the mountains, who's going to get kidnapped and held for political ransom with me in the Mediterranean?

Notorious said...

I guess I will have to survive the bear attacks! ...sorry Chestocrates.

gspeed517 said...

This place opened this week. I thought it was just the sort of thing you and your friends would enjoy.

If you're ever in Dayton, it's just a short hour away : )

~ Al

Notorious said...

Have you been there? It does look interesting to go to in a wacko/car crash kind of way.

gspeed517 said...

I have not been there.

The two girls I run with went this weekend. I'll let you know if they have any noteworthy comments.

But for the $20 admission fee, I have no doubt that the exibit director from Universal Studios will show you a good time.

Notorious said...


As someone who is more deeply embedded in Physics than any one I know, I think you should go down there with a sharpie and graffitie some debunking equations on the mirrors of the bathrooms!