Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aswaging hopes and fears.

Apparently I am still up to the same tricks. That picture was mostly for Chestocrates and Kodjo... or any one who has riden with me in any type of off road vehicle before... Don't worry, this was nothing some sand and a tow strap couldn't solve... (actually we arn't stuck... but sinking into the snow got my attention pretty good!)

In Great Falls for the summer.

In other news. Many of you have plans that I am involved with this summer. It seems that the odds are that I will be a GO for all. There were some rumors that I was going to be transfered to some place warm, sunny, and on a beach... As of today, that isn't going to happen for at least a wile. The Air Force assignment system works something like a random number genorator computer program. There probably is some underlying advanced algorithim that is so complicated that it appears random... Though I don't know how it works, this appears to be the pattern of the process. Some organization/project/unit needs a dude. They will then ask for "volonteers" to join that organization/project/unit by offering incentives like "I know this sucks, you will live in a hole in the dirt and eat bugs for a year... but we will probably be able to get you a really good overseas assignment next time like "comdom tester in Sweaden" since you "took one for the team." They also use phrases like "It looks much better if you volonteer because we are going to make you do it anyways." So you think "ants taste like lemon drops... I want to go do this!" just as you get your thoughts going in the direction how cool it is that you are going to eat ants for a year and then go test condoms... you get some third hand rumors that infact that is not the case at all, infact no one even knows what dirt or holes are and as far as anyone remembers, Sweaden isn't even in NATO. Then someone tells you your TPS reports are in the wrong font as per Air Force Instruction:91-410/341SWsupV3.

(why did someone write that reg anyway??? let alone read it!)

Also, inspect your brakes often... this cracked broken looking thing is my brake line.


Chestocrates said...

That's some fine work.
I've already budgeted a couple of days of my vacation to account for time spent pushing/pulling/digging vehicles out of swamps/lakes/sand/mud/strip clubs.

That, combined with booze blackouts and recovery time leaves about 2 or 3 hours of hiking or what have you.

R2 said...

I have to agree about the AF assignment process, it's the only way to explain how I ended up here. If logic was involved, I'd probably be in some laboratory in D.C. right now.

Sorry you didn't get the job, but maybe something even better will come of the situation.

Well, time for my addiction that you so nicely shared with me. You really are a crack dealer. Only 10 episodes left of season 2.

amateur.sophist said...


That's MY addiction and I'M the king crack head around here.

(just wait till you see what you have to do to get the end of season 3 out of me)

amateur.sophist said...

(also, damn fine post- i see life after BSG is treating you well)

R2 said...

A.S., you are the King Crack Supplier, Notorious is merely my local dealer.

So what does it entail to get the end of season 3?

amateur.sophist said...

(laughs all the way to the bank. Says hello to Chestocrates)

Lois Lane said...

I hear Great Falls in the summer is excellent...well, maybe not the same as a beach, but it doesn't sound like you really wanted to eat ants anyway.