Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Four Years, Fire

Interesting few days.

The Air Force is going to try and save money by not moving anyone till they have 4 years on station. This puts me here till June of 2008. By far this will be the longest place I have lived continuously ever in my life.

My apparment building caught fire and I had to evacuate in the middle of the night. If you where to have stood up, you could only see people's pants below the smoke on my floor. It was worse on the 2nd and 3rd floors, As I passed through those two floors below me, one had to breath the air down along the bottom 6 inches from the floor. When we got outside, it was literally -5 Deg F. Luckily I had somewhere else to spend the night rather than standing in the parking lot. My stuff suffered no direct damage, but it smells a little like camping in here now.

Also...this kind of thing is apparently on everyone's to do list.


Chestocrates said...

Right-o, mark it down. I'm coming the week of july 4th this summer. Don't die or get shipped to some sandy hellhole before that week.

Also, I highly suggest looking into renter's insurance. I've got a policy for something around 80 dollars a year that pays out 25,000 in the case of total loss. If you're going to lose your place to live, you might as well be able to buy 25000 tacos to stock the new cardboard box apartment.

Notorious said...

Roger, I should be here.

I think that I would have a hard time convincing an insurance adjuster that I have $25,000 worth of anything in here. Maybe I'll tell him I had a Rembrante on flash paper.

amateur.sophist said...

Sounds like someone needs a contingency bag. Also, i think i shall try to be there as well, rather than when it's -5 and things are catching on fire.

kodjo said...

I am a fire fighter.