Sunday, November 19, 2006

Commander's daughters.

Apparently leadership types can have very attractive daughters. I met one tonight out a cowboy bar here in GF. I was trying to order a drink and this very atractive blond says to me, "I know you... I am not supposed to talk to you!" This peaked my interest... so I asked her how does she know me. She says, "You work for my daddy." I though about that and figgured that she wasn't either of Bush's daughters... there is a lot of people between me and the commander in chief, so which boss's daughter is she? Well, apparently a very close boss that effects my daily existance. So I bought her a beer... and said, "I heard you are a born again christian and about 12 years old... what are you doing here?" Her answer was that her father is very protective of her and don't worry about the details. As it turns out, I am dinner conversation around her house. We danced a few songs. She said I was not a very inovative country western dancer... I countered by showing off some john travolta style disco moves, she was impressed. Meanwhile, in the hall of justice, my fireteam dudes where pissing off her friends. It all ends with her making me promise not to tell her 'daddy' that she was in a bar, and a pissed off friends team of Charly Bravo wisking her away. I already had her number from the roster at work...

In other news, The University of Michigan experiments with replacing football cleats with banana peels. The results where quite conclusive, though desidedly negative!


amateur.sophist said...

Good description of the game.

(You should have boffed her. Nothing's hotter than "behind the commander's back sex with his daughter" sex. Or so I've heard.)

Hmmm... if you're so well known in that house, i wonder if they frequent this blog?

Chestocrates said...

Those are some risky dice you're rolling. That's a good way to pull some Rambo duty. (That's Rambo First Blood part 2, where they throw Rambo into an unwinnable situation; only this time, Rambo won't be invincible due to flashback-induced madness/revenge against Murdoch madness/revenge for hot Vietnanese woman madness/endless supply of exploding arrows/wall of mud hiding skills.

Anonymous said... now have power over her (info that she doesn't want her 'daddy' to hear).


Notorious said...

You seem to have a manipulative mind betsy... I'll have to remember that in my future dealings with you. Though you are probably right.

Chestocrates said...

(gives her something to manipulate)

(laughs all the way to the bank)

Anonymous said...

It's all about winning.


Chestocrates said...


(I gave her a rubicks cube to manipulate.)

(I was going to the bank anyway, and I was in a good mood because she was happy with the gift I gave her.)

(Later that day, I fucked her brains out.)