Saturday, March 04, 2006

Holy fuck!!!!

Ok... Kids... I have had a very shitty week... Granted I have been flying my ass off, so I can't complane to much... But "Holy Fuck"

Monday, there was a broken helicopter and maintainance asked for some willing pilots to see if they fixed it correctly... NO... they didn't get it right. Don't worry it was just the engines that didn't work right... ouff!!!

Tuesday, I flew with the dude that I went throu Air craft commander upgrade with. I was on the schedule as the Aircraft Commadner, but he out ranks me so he pulled rank and took the A-code and I was his yes man. He didn't try to kill me so it was all fine.

Wenesday, I few with the worst pilot in the 40th Helicopter squadron... Ok... i survived and didn't get embaresed on the radio to bad... good enough. But... come on man! Listen and look!!!!

Thursday, I had the Aircraft as my own... and the weather was so shitty, that maintainance didn't want to come out to man the fire extinguishers for the engine start... I started the helo anyway... then, as I was watching my co-pilot run up the engines and out side the widsheild I couldn't see the end of the taxiway... my first act as an AC was to cancel myown flight for Weather... FUCK!!!!

Friday, the weather was even shittier... but there were some O-6's that wanted us to go... so we took off as the "weather ship," (that is an expendable aircraft to check the weather) Well, the weather was shit- ... but they told us to keep going... We went. Holy shit! At the worst point all I could see was powerlines and ice fog. I honestly thought we were going to have to climb into the ice or take it in the face with a powerline. I was resigned. We spent all day in a gigantic laberinth of ice fog and streambeds. (as in we would fly up the stream beds under the fog looking for a way through the helo killing moisture.) We made it... but I think I sucked up a seat cushion into my ass.

Well don't worry sports fans, next week will happen anyway.


amateur.sophist said...

hey man, you lived... what's all the belly-aching about?

Anonymous said...

There has been something wrong this week, (more than usual). Perhaps a disturbance in the force. Also, women are bastards. It's not all bad, though. They do give us strip clubs, and boobies.

Notorious said...

I have felt the distubance also...