Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Favorite Merc's

I know these guys... in general they are assholes. But they always looked like they were having fun! They used to do "wiferdills" and "return to targets" right over the trailer park I eventually lived in in Baghdad. When they were flying over random lead would fall out of the sky from people taking potshots at them. I wish I could have gotten a ride...

The LZ you see in the video is where I spent a significant amount of time. I think I am going to have to look into the mercinary biz... Why not?

On a surprizingly very related topic... Tomorrow is the first day of Mustache March! This means that every female that sees me for the next month will be slightly grossed out by my apperance. On the positive note... it will be very easy to make little kids laugh.


amateur.sophist said...

that video proves those guys really are ass monkeys... why else would they allow so many photos of themselves on the internet?

What was up with the sniper on the roof that they attempted to crush/scare and left? If they were good guys, why fuck with them and if thy weren't why let them live?

i feel like their directive may be as simple as "go fuck this up"

Notorious said...

Yes... that is what it, (thier directive,) appeared to be at the time too. Between them and thier ground based comrades, I would say I was held at gunpoint more by blackwater mercs than anyone else.

I wondered about the fact that almost all of them have thier pictures on the internet now.

Stupid, asshole, roid-rageing... yes all that; but they could drink beer and grow faceual hair. It is all tradeoffs I guess.

Anonymous said...

In my circles, it is Mustache February. I do not know who decided this, but I would suspect that February being the shortest month is the explanation.

Wild Haversticks

Notorious said...

Those guys are clowns... why would you want the shortest month as a mustache month? It doesn't even rime.