Monday, March 06, 2006

I got my cherry popped today!

Yes it is true... My AC cherry was popped by Lt Ben Brown today. It was very nice and gentle. The weather was great, the mission was a milk run, and he only made me nervous once.

My road trip to Gladstone, Detroit, Spain, and Madison is comming together. It is looking like all events will take place between 1 and 17/18 July... can't know for sure anything because the guy that approves leave... is on leave. Makes sence really. If that was my job... I would be on leave too. Tenative schedule is as follows:

30 June - attempting to seduce mermaids.
1-2 Jul - fighting grizzly bears in Glacier National Park... (unfortunatly no .45 cal Bear repelent alowd in the park)
2-3 - Land speed record accross the flat parts
4-5/6ish - beer and fireworks in G-town
6ish-8ish - Detroit... Hot cars and fast women, also My grandmother lives there so I should stop see and her.
8 - 14 - Ibiza, Spain... I know there are no full weekends in those dates... but I don't think that will be a factor...
14 - 16 - Detroit to Madison; obviously guns, booze, and strippers...
16 - 17/18 The flat parts again... passage back to real life

All are welcome to join me on any/all/some parts of the journey. I know there is a lot of travel in this plan... possibly a detrimental amount... but if you arn't going somewhere, what are you doing? That's right... then you're not going anywhere.

The morning fast approches...


amateur.sophist said...

this looks like an A-1 plan that can't fail. I am very much excited to be your ambassador to detroit, especially since the Fiat should be well running by then. Also, i suspect i may accompany you back to Montana, via Madison, and get that road-trip bug out of my system.

Your grandmother is supposed to work that weekend, but i think i'll give her reprieve. I mean, i'm a pimp, not a monster.

amateur.sophist said...

oh yeah, the package arrived today

Anonymous said...

Yes, count me in for a large part of that. (minus the trip to spain)

I think I'll assign myself some leave for those days, unless I deny myself leave, in which case I'll have to file an appeal to myself; which is always a tedious process.

Notorious said...

Leave is approved! Looks like this shit might actually happen.