Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cars and a Courts Marshal

The Fiat is back on the road... sort of... only temporarily. You see, the thing is that there is a dude up here from the squadron in southern california. The air forced issued him a big blue AF pickup truck to use while he is up here. Well he parked it at a cigar shop, someone saw it and called their congressman.... bla bla bla... now he cant leave base with it. I lent him my truck so he could not be stuck on base. Then today my buick started clunking signifiantly when I shifted from reverse to drive... you are exactly right... it is the u-joints. So I went to the parts store and got myself 3 u-joints figuring I was in for an afternoon of cold metal... but I sould be back on the road by evening.

Shit... it didn't work like that. It never does.

I had never seen U-joints like this. I need a press to get the old ones out... and on a saterday afternoon I am fresh out of hydrolic presses. So then I am looking at my other broke ass cars. The brown buick hasn't moved in 6 months and hasn'tb been registered since jan of last year, the blue one is up on jacks with no driveshaft, and the fiat is massivly out of alignment and has no front anti-sway bar. That was the easyest to fix... so I put on the old sway bar and drove it around the block. It is a little sqirrly to drive with shitloads of toe out alignment... and the back has about an inch and a half higher springs. It looks like someone kicked it in the ass and now it is stuck up in the air.

I suspect that the girls will still all want rides. I'll have to move the greasy suspention parts to the back seat for that.

Also, I have been selected to be a member of a Courts Martial. (Essencially I have military jury dudy.) I don't have any idea what the guy did... it could be anything from a muder-rape to sleeping on duty. I guess I'll find out Tuesday. I guess I should find my shoes and shine them.


Chestocrates said...

Shit.. the last time I saw you around broken u-joints, you came close to killing something like ten or twelve people.

Perhaps your user name should be "the edge". I know it's taken, but the present owner is a rich wanker who certainly doesn't deserve it.

Notorious said...

well... yes... I am better now... I didn't even go on a near killing spree. I am the picture of calm. I've been practicing!

But if I remeber right, it was the broken U-joint that brought me back FROM insanity.. not push me to it. I was about to be on a killing spree untill the U-joint catastrophicly failed thus saving several soles who would not, and should not otherwise exist.