Thursday, February 23, 2006

Convertable Caddy... almost.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I have known about a particular 69 Deville convertable here in Great Falls for the entire year and a half+ that I have lived here. It just sits happily in this old dudes driveway. I have litterally been thinking about it for a year and a half. Well I finally got my shit in a sock and went over to the guys house with the money and a friend. (to drive my other car back home.) Honestly... I got in the car to test drive it around the block... and something wasn't right. It drove beautifully... no complaints in any physical feecher of the car itself (Though I wan't thrilled with the AM only radio) But there I was, in the car, with the money, driving with the top down and a big smile on my face... and by the end of the drive, I don't think I would have bought it for half the price he was asking. I am completly shocked at myself, but I have to say this was a pure instinct move on my part. I had almost no reason in the world not to come home with that car. The mind says "YES!!!" but the heart and gut say, "hmmm..."

So, we will see... My insticts have proven themselves in the past I will continue to trust them untill they prove otherwise.

Shit... a 1969 Caddy Deville convertable... Does anyone else want one?


Chestocrates said...

Trust the gut. That car has probably got you marked for death. You live close enough to the edge of life and death to know when something isn't right.

Notorious said...


I am thre sheets to the wind...

And the newwast air craft commander in the aire force!!! Starting tuesday... they give me a crew adn a aricraft.. and all mine! all mine!!! Weeee!!!!