Saturday, February 25, 2006

Air Force's Newest Aircraft Commander!

Yesterday, I passed my forth and final checkride as part of the upgrade to Aircraft Commander. Each check ride is designed to test one particular aspect of being the incharge of a crewed helicopter. First was Emergencies... they take you into the air and throw a bunch of malfunctions at you and see if you can handle them in the most survivable maner. Next is instriments... this one they just check if you can fly the aircraft safely in the US air traffic controle system with out the used of the windows. Third is "Remotes," This they check your skills at search, rescue, and recovery in a nonhostile environment. Last of all, they test your tactical employment of multiple helicopters. It is to see if you have the menal abilities and hand eye coordination to take a formation of helicopters behinde enemy lines and use them for what ever god or the president desided helicopters should be used for. I passed all four check rides... so starting monday (after some paperwork) they will give me a copilot, the keys to a helicopter*, and a fire team and tell me to go and exact the will of the american public upon the enimies of the United States (that make it to Montana.)

*yes they do take keys. All UH-1's have needed keys to start the engines since the late sixties when a disgruntled student pilot washout stole a huey gunship and landed it on the lawn of the white house.


Anonymous said...

Another job well done. Keep up the good work.

I just wish they'd assign me a fire team.

Gnome said...

They gave you a Helicopter AND a fire team? Clearly they do not know you as well as we do. Excellent work.

Notorious said...

Yes... well... I have to promise not to steal either one before they give me the keys in the morning. But think about it... I have a helicopter and a fire team! (so how will they stop me?) in addition to that... I spend all my time practicing flying under radar, evading enemy fighters, and avoiding lines of communications where I could be spotted enroute by ground forces. As far as I can tell, they are training me to steal this thing and use it for what ever I need unmolested by anyform of athority even them. They even give me a credit card to by gas!

Notorious said...

Dear CIA/OSI/FBI agent... These are jokes only and my loyaty is unquestionably to the Constitution of the United States.

Anonymous said...

If only the same could be said of our Commander-in-Chief.