Friday, October 17, 2008

The news was here.

I managed to avoid getting filmed or interviewed this time. This time it was an O-5 and up show!

My own comments:

- For those of you familiar, you can find "Sergeant America" jumping around in the background.

- Rahullah is walking around here like a movie star now.

- It looks like they hit a kit with the press on board... damn kites!


Gams said...

the sophist and me. funny story, that. we met on the interwebs. cupid is a funny lil bugger when he surfs the e-waves.
i love love LOVE inga. and yes, most are afraid of the title, but it works -- those unworthy of cranial expansion are weeded out!

amateur.sophist said...

1) look at you guys treating this like myspace or something; completely ignoring the threads of an interaction and throwing responses up under random posts, all willy-nilly style

2) Let's get it straight: the gam is an internet stalker and likely predator. from ohio. she (if she IS a she) is likely interested in my untold riches, kidneys or essence, likely all three. In sort, Notorious, you guys should be fast-friends.

3) will make you 3 i.q. pts dumber for every week you spend on it. Inevitably will meet someone who *really* wants to hang out but whose email and social networking accounts have all been hi-jacked by her ex-boyfriend and as a result will instruct you to disregard interactions from certain locations... In desperation you'll still consider this person "a viable option."

amateur.sophist said...

(i apologize for the overly abundant use of the word "likely" in bullet number two. this is a result of wrtiting from work where my train of thought is often interrupted and the only common thread i retain is perhaps a word (like "likely?") that i cling to and inevitably use in each piece of substance i contribute to the whole.)

Broheim said...

Dude, do Colonels go to a fucking school to be come tools? I reintroduced the "Beer Lunch." So if by some miracle my career survives and I doubt i will become that level of tool-ness. I will raise a pack of blood thirsty, drunken, whoremongers and what an amazing force we shall be. My OPS NCO was envisioning what it would be like if i were to be able to come up from PL to CO in the same company. Im apparently rowdy enough that the soldiers think I will rekindle the Iraq Insurgency all by ourselves... or be on trial quickly....

Notorious said...

At some point, they must make you drink the Koolaid. It seems to happen around the promotion to Major, but in a few years I may deny that.

Anonymous said...

Good shit.

Give Rahullah a high five for me. (rockstar status)

I've managed to keep the news away from me thusfar.

Rahullah said...

"Hello good morning thank you thank you..."