Wednesday, October 15, 2008


amateur.sophist said...

Dude, that whole town looks abandoned! Look at all that parking; You should live there...

Jameson said...

Hmmm...looks like Abq...nothing but dirt.

Notorious said...

The intensity of the dirt there is much higher than Albuquerque. Everything is made out of it. Three story buildings all made out of mud brick. what people around here do is build a wall around the outside edge of their property. Then they build their actual dwellings along the inside of the wall... leaving a sort of courtyard/garden area.

This is actually a picture of the southwest side of Kabul looking to the east/northeast. Most of the city was under a combination haze, dust, fog cloud.

Gams said...

we have been blinded by the brown--
no grey or silver haze for
this landscape, no,
a simple earth toned catapult
sent straight to the
pituitary, stunting our