Tuesday, April 17, 2007

News and driving fast.

I have desided to quit watching, reading, and listening to the news. Sorry Loise Lane... nothing personal. It only gets me wound up! I spend most of my time dissappointed at what is considered important for me to know, appalled what is not mentioned, and usually come away feel like I am being manipulated.

In other news... R^2 describes last weekend as well as I could... and she remembered to take pictures.


Chestocrates said...

Nappy headed hos
Nappy headed hoes
Nappy headed ho's

You're all a bunch of nappy headed hos.

amateur.sophist said...

I'm still looking for a car and co-pilots for the 24 hours of lemons.

Though i may have a line on a free 86 Subaru legacy that's been sitting in a field for a year...

Notorious said...

Sounds like it has potential, how much?

Lois Lane said...
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Lois Lane said...

m'eh, you weren't a tribune subscriber anyway.