Monday, December 11, 2006

More improbable pictures....

This makes the left over warp drive fields look like nothing at all on the weirdness factor. Chupakabra... as common as a fire hydrant!... compared to this!!! it is a baby, in my arms, in the squadron bar... this is one of those marriage inducing babies I was talking about. Moments before this picture was taken I got a lecture from the kids mother on the benefits of birth control.

Who wants to come and visit Montana! Snow boarding should be good. I have open couches for New Years!

Actually it is better now. It was in the high 40's this afternoon. We have colors here again!


Anonymous said...

Of course, the child's natural affinity for beer is strike one.

Strike two will come when he spells everything phonetically, including his name.

The backyard rocket sled experiments would be 3.

Strike seven will be when he constructs a hovercraft, makes it work, and gets stuck in a swamp (first date)

No worries though, because by that time, you'll be on the other side of the country in the psyche ward of the VA hospital. (just before me and Hannibal bust you out for our next job)
(cue intro music)

amateur.sophist said...

son of a bitch... how did chesocrates' comment appear in the time between i read this post and clicked on "comments?"

I was merely going to suggest that alcohol was needed to lower the kid's standards enough to let you hold him.

In my face.

Notorious said...

Hey hey hey!!! it is not mine...
Thus that kid might have half a chance of both a)learning to spell and b)not getting stuck in the swamp in verious contraptions and vehicles on dates... though the affinity for beer might doom him anyways. You are suppost to feed babies from bottles right, or did I some how miss something? Eitherway, that kid was thirsty!

Do you promise to bust me out of the psyche wards of the verious VA hospitals I will find myself in? Thanks!... they start giving me the creeps after about 2 weeks... especially when they don't have my favorite kind of crackers!


Anonymous said...

Perfect ninja magic comes from perfect ninja practice.

amateur.sophist said...

did the assumed father of that baby come looking for the man who impregnated his wife? because you've been MIA for the last week.

Notorious said...

Luckily! I was in Iraq when this particular baby was concieved... so I am fairly off the hook on this one.