Monday, December 04, 2006

Flying through worm holes...

Now I have to say that a lot of my friends around here who are locals have hinted that it is probably us doing all the cow mutilations. I assure them that we have nothing to do with it... but then they point out that we are the ones that fly around in blacked out helicopters and practice sneaking everywhere. They have a point, but it isn't us.

I do have some very unusual photographic evidence of aliens. I believe that several weeks ago on a routine training mission we flew through a worm hole... most likely left from a UFO with gravity drive engines. You will notice in this photograph that the tail rotor is being temporarily warped by the residual gravity fields. Also, the shadow from the main-rotor is not lined up with its shadow. Lucky I happened to have a camera!

You haven't lived till you try and maintain position on lead as he goes through a worm hole!


Anonymous said...

You should be grateful that your whole crew wasn't pulled through the singularity and crushed to dust.

Also, I thought we had already solved the cattle mutilations mystery.

Notorious said...

Maybe we were! You should see the pictures from inside. All the inturnal structures appear not to be strait... Crazy stuff.

Ah yes, El Chupacabra! Well I don't think they live in Montana. One of our mechanics clames to have killed all big game that lives in Montana... and puts the skulls on the wall in the hanger to prove it. No Chupacabra... I can only assume that there aren't any around here or there would be a skull on the wall

cheeky said...

Very interesting indeed! No anal probing, I hope. I see in the upper right hand of the photo that you even managed to capture photographic evidence of the sister "ships". Good work Captain!

My vote is still for the Chupacabra.

Notorious said...

I hadn't even noticed them... good eyes! Maybe I should sleep less at work, I might see more interesting things!