Monday, August 21, 2006

The UN needs more beer!

Training is complete... I am now an "Instructor Pilot, Helicopter, UH-1N" This new designation now makes me elegible for some supper pimp assignments in Florida near Pensacola when I am done here in MT... as well as puts me on the short list for another trip to the desert.

My observations are that US foriegn relations should focus more on beer and food... apparently spicy food. In the dorm that I was living in down in Albuquerque (that is spelled right) there was only one communal kitchen. What ended up developing was that quite a few of us would end up making food for each other and eating together.

This is the night I left...Everyone tried to bring thier spicyest food. Though it wasn't a competition, people noted who had the most painful food to eat. The Europeans and Arabs had nothing for spice. There was quite a close competition between the Indians and Pakastanis but the Tai's kicked total ass... though I don't know about the medium of boiled chicken as a delivery method for spice. This was the only time in my life that I will be considered a culinary genious for melting some cheddar cheeze on some nachos and througing on some hot sause. This really impressed the Tais who wanted to know where they could get "Franks Hot Sause." I told them the condiments section of gas stations... which is actually where I got mine.

This whole excersice even had the romanian fighter pilot drinking water... which he had clamed he had never drank before in his life!


Chestocrates said...

For some reason, I'm getting the image in my head of one monkey teaching another monkey how to fish for ants with a stick.

Not only do they come to this country and get helicopter training, but also the secret of Frank's hot sauce?? You might as well give them keys to fort knox and the white house.

Notorious said...

Holy shit you don't know how close you are to how it really went down... monkeys with sticks... You should have seen the look of enlightenment on the faces of the guys standing around watching me work my magic with the microwave! And then with the secret of Frank's Hot Sause... It felt like 2001 Space Odessy!