Friday, August 04, 2006

Flying again!

I had my first flight in an actual aircraft yesterday in about a month. A minorish in-flight emergency terminated the flight. At a fairly thrust and power critical moment the #1 engine didn't want to play anymore and desided to just chill out. Luckily we were fairly light weight so we didn't hit the ground... I just flew out of it and brought it gently to the ground. Like a typical machine, when we showed the maintainance dudes... it wouldn't do it again, but the scary part was that the mechanics didn't seem very surprised. They went right to the problem part and said..."yea, we replaced the fuel control unit yesterday... guess there are a few bugs in it yet." WTF?


kodjo said...

Yeah, that's like being down in the engine room and having the chief engineer say, "Someday this auxilary sea water pipe is going to break loose. I'd be curious to see it happen, but we're gonna flood when it does. If you're down here when it happens, you need to shut that valve and turn that wheel and...."

-Kodjo of the Sea

Gnome said...

Way to keep cool. It sounds like all those near-death experiences during our high school days paid off. And to think our mother's were always trying to stop us from doing things like taking canoes out on the lake during late winter.

Notorious said...

At least the engineer is likely to be there with you... not standing on shore waving as you leave. Though now that I think about it, I have said simmilar things to other people about my cars.

I think all the practice with the edge the better. As it turns out, some people don't stay particularly cool. Yea, just think how call we all could stay if we did stuff like sitting down riding scate boards down the bluff!

Chestocrates said...

There is a danger in living too close to the edge for too long. Don't get cocky! That's how accidents happen.