Sunday, April 05, 2009

Replacements... eventually

My replacements are finally getting trained. They should be learning to fly in a few weeks and will be here... whenever. I am getting to be a fairly short timer here, only a few weeks till I SHOULD rotate out. Luckily for those of you who are still interested in the military aviation training of indigenous forces in Afghanistan... my replacements have a blog too so your fix of Afghanistan Antics should continue fairly seamlessly.

The "AWAITING ORDERS" vacation is over boys!

Here is the future of Afghanistan military advisory!

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Broheim said...

Seriously?? Who rolls any more? Thats like a waste time and energy... any most people are likely to get stuck. HMMM are there plates in those vests? You need to take the BFAs off if you actually want to kill people otherwise you might as well being celebrating a hadj wedding, but without the threat of being showered in bullets. I remember being on patrol a couple of times and getting holed up because of the number of bullets falling out of the sky. I think its normally soccer wins. Last time i was here they won the Asian Cup, we got stuck in some dudes house for over two hours. Although as jumpy as we were getting back to the JSS, we tended to figure just about everyone in town was out of ammo.

Notorious said...

I hear the "rick roll" is very popular!

They don't care about soccer here. The big sports here are Buscashi (polo with a goat carcass) and Tie-Kuan-Do. Also, I hear in Laggman province they like the Volleyball.

You are probably right, they stopped shooting when they were out of ammo.