Thursday, March 05, 2009

A clear day in Kabul...

Every once in a while the wind and the rain and the snow all work together to clean the fecal matter out of the air and one realizes that Afghanistan is a really beautiful place... in a centuries of blood bath, environmental destruction, and brutal existence kind of way.

Also, I have been told via other means that my landscape pictures are not very interesting... and I should include more pictures of people. As much as I would love to do this, my guys already have enough problems with family members getting kidnaped and bombs being thrown through the windows of their houses without me showing their faces on the internet. That being said, enjoy the pictures. FEEL FREE TO EXPAND THEM TO FULL SIZE FOR INCREASED PLEASURE!

"Oh, we're the wing men..." (that song goes through my head every time I look out the window...)

The next few pictures are what Kabul looks like if you were to take the vile airborne sludge of incinerated garbage, burnt tires, and dirt out of the air. Normally the air looks like a blank word document... as viewed through crapy sunglasses.

Some mild sludge on the horizon...

I just recently found out that this palace was the location of the opening battle of the Soviet invasion... and here I only though it was just a good waypoint for navigation.

"You see, in formation it is easy to hold position by putting the rotor head of lead on the horizon... Well fuck, this isn't going to work... OK, I'll explain when we get back to the classroom.

Those mountains are all over 14,000 feet. This place makes Colorado feel like Nebraska...

Basically the mountains never stop in this country. About 9 months ago or so I was trying to teach formation flying. I tried to explain that a good position was to put the rotor head of the preceding aircraft on the horizon... shortly after takeoff I realized that these guys have never seen a horizon. There is always a fucking gigantic mountain range in the way. The one advantage this gave me was when I was explaining how America sent men to the moon, I didn't have much trouble with the idea that the earth is not flat. A flat earth idea is just as hilarious to these guys as women's rights! I laughed too... then submitted my citizenship application. Peace out!

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Gams said...

i'm stealing the fourth from last picture for my own devices...i shall give credit where credit is due, no fear...shanks for the visual kick to the cortex.