Monday, September 01, 2008

"Son, don't let me read about you in the paper..."

That is all my dad has ever asked of me, and as of yesterday, I failed on a grand scale. All with an order I got a few weeks ago, "Captain, go talk to those reporters... I think they are French, maybe Italian." So it goes... as does my internet anonymity. Where as before a search for my name used to yield only a comment about the Naked Mile at Michigan and some incorrectly correlated links to my Aunt Beth... it will now be hard to hide from this story as it seems to have been reprinted and reposted in hundreds of newspapers across the world.


As far as I can tell, reporters never fully understand what they are reporting on. In reading the article, I would say that almost every single fact they wrote is technically wrong. They get just enough info to plausibly make up the rest. Shit, even direct quotes get made up! The main ideas get across, but I for one will only consider the very basic ideas of any news story to be true from now on. For this one, I would say... "There are helicopters in afghanistan." that is about it. Though... I have to say, I do dig it a little bit that my name is in world news... even if it does cost some internet anonymity.

I am sure I never gave them my name. I guess I should have worn my Dari name tag that day.


Brohiem said...

Well you at least didnt get labelled as a SGT when you were a LT and get written up as beating detainees when you didnt as well as a slew of other things i later got investigated for. on the other hand i had a reporter that patrolled with my platoon for 3 weeks and became so enamored with the men of my platoon and myself that he wrote positive and upbeat articles about us that couldnt get published anywhere to include the daily press... but the love to tote that guy that got crippled in iraq. he had those fuckstick motorcycle riders escort him into town where as all i want to do is do my job and be left alone. I can send the article he wrote about me. he basicly called me the old man, but all in all i appreciated how i came across in the article. the sad part is no one wants happy in the news. so all in all you didnt come off as the bad guy. and thats a victory in most soldiers books.

Alana said...

This does kind of wreck your plan to stay off the grid and one day disappear totally. But at least there's nothing negative about you. Did you ever see the Today show episode from the missile field here? Lots of live, on-the-air errors.

Anonymous said...

That is definately a PRF bullet...captain of the afghan presidential flying team! way to go. Shit, now you'll probably get promoted before me. Guess I have to become a wing exec or something. I can't except ever having to salute you!


Notorious said...

I am sure it will feel natural enough for you when the time comes!