Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramadan is over, beware of falling party favors!

Ramadan is over. Lots of celebratory fire going on! I have to admit... it looks kind of cool to shoot randomly into the air to celebrate! Imagine if on Christmas eve everyone went out on the the roof and shot guns randomly into the air after midnight mass... I could get behind that sort of thing! "Khtak khtak Khtak!" (That is Dari and Pashto for "Bang Bang Bang." Though being a devout parishioner of Physics... I went inside. I don't really interrupt some chunk of lead's glorious and divine parabolic trajectory just as it is returning to earth. Who am I to mess with god's plan.

In other news... I watched the movie, "Worlds Fastest Indian" This movie is freaking awesome. I watched it two times yesterday. I don't think I have sat and watched the same movie more than once in the same day since I was 10 years old and watched "Hurbie goes to Monticarlo." several times a day for about a year and a half. This movie is that tits!

It also has a bit of a moral... basically the message of the movie is "Get off your ass and live your life! You want to be a vegetable all your life and die young at 100 years old?" This is probably the most needed message in America today! At least according to me.

(This is a file photo that I had from last years trip to Vegas. I was Bonniville with no wheels, not even a rental car...)


amateur.sophist said...

I'm afraid to watch this movie. I fear it will make me feel ways so strongly about stuff that my head might explode. It could end with me setting obscure land speed records in far away lands on the W650.

Then again...

Notorious said...

Then again... it was probably inevitable anyways?

Gams said...

there's that one goddamn line in the middle of the sand.


it's THE LINE.
y'know. the one everyone tries not to cross.

fuck, yes.