Sunday, August 17, 2008

What do you do when your ride breaks down?

Nothing more chilled out than hard-broke off home station.

The morning of the big mish and your main gearbox shits the bed, what can you do... I took my cue from Oddball.

Well, as close as I could. Substitute bottles of water and pears heisted from the chow hall and you have the idea. It's amazing how high quality Z's you can catch in the shade of a Hip on a busy flightline. As long as you don't let jet blast and rotor wash disturb you to much, you can chill the most for hours.

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recycled brains said...

Fair rides are most definitely refurbished from the sock-hop era. Kids everywhere rejoice in knowing that their bodily injuries were caused by a glorious machines of history in motion.

But it isn't the rides that kill people... it's the rides' names?