Thursday, August 07, 2008

And we end this animal's life in celebration!

There are a few big events that will be taking place... to include a large portion of the Americans that are here will soon be leaving. So of course for good luck and celebration, the Afghans sacrificed a sheep... maybe it was a goat. A weird looking animal of that sort anyways. They called it a sheep.

Superstition... how can you argue with that? At first I thought it was going to be like a sheep cookout, but no... it was really just a sacrifice.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

I was told the meat was given to the poor.


amateur.sophist said...

it dies so that we may live on forever!

(what's with the broken-leg dude?)

((also, i'm surprised the man let you post these))

Notorious said...

I don't think the man has an opinion about these pictures. There is nothing in the way of intelligence value unless the bad guys counter with a sheep sacrifice of their own. I was only documenting a cultural aspect of the Afghan people. Significantly less cruel than pictures of say a bull fight or something like that.

I am pretty sure that this was the destiny of that sheep since the day it was born. The only difference was the location that this went down. It happened to happen near a hanger instead of an ally behind a butcher shop in downtown kabul. Either way, that sheep was going under the knife eventually for one reason or another.

It does make me think/laugh about the symbolism that the bible uses with the shepherd so often. Basically a shepherd tends the sheep until the day of the slaughter.

Chestocrates said...

Like a dog.

Like a dog....

Anonymous said...

1. that sheep has a huge ass

2. is this merely superstition or part of their religion that calls for the sacrificing of animals?

3. the Bible not only symbolizes Christ as a shepherd but as the sacrificial lamb that is slaughtered for the final atonement of our sins

Notorious said...

1. I suppose it does... but if you look, I think it is the size of his balls that is impressive.

2. Is there a difference?

3. OK... but that is just as crazy. Think about it... how can the death of anything cleanse the sole of another being that has acted immorally? Why would killing one animal in ritualistic fashion contribute in any positive way to the metaphysical being of another. Whether you are sacrificing a sheep or messiah it isn't logical that the death of one cleanses or contributes to another. It is crazy.

Tryn said...

Amen, my good man. Amen.

Broheim said...

I donno, i would have to say the death and slaying of all the bad dudes i thrust into the dirt in one violent fashion or another has contributed to my well being. After all I'm still alive and they are worm food.