Friday, July 11, 2008

Holy Facebook!

I don't know how many of you cats are into the facebook thing, but this is an ominously impressive program. I was just looking up an old friend of mine, googling their name. The most promising result was in "facebook." I opened it up to see if it had the contact info I was looking for. It wouldn't let me just look without a profile so I figured that I could make a quick profile and get the info I needed. All I did was put in my name... make up a password...


The screen says something like, "These maybe friends of yours." Indeed... I was looking at a page of pictures of people that I do in fact know. Some very well, some vaguely, but still. How did it know? What information did it use? How did it take my name and make the connections to people from my life? My best guess is that anyone that had done a search for my name came up. I don't know what else it could have used. Later there was a page that used my email contacts to make more connections, but the initial volley of people was very shocking and seemingly out of the blue.

It was one of those moments like when you find yourself in a totally unexpected place for you, and someone in a suit comes up to you and says, "Mr. (NAME), We have been expecting you for some time now. Please come with me."

I had done the myspace thing in the past. I shut that down for a few reasons... but myspace has nothing on facebook. I am pretty sure that it is going to evolve into the real "SKYNET."


In other news.

Some little kids threw rocks at me from over the airfield fence as I was out running. I would like to say that it was my calm perspective on life that made me take it in stride and not throw rocks back at them. In reality, I pretty much just didn't like any of the rocks that were nearby me. Throwing rocks? What the fuck! I wouldn't take that from little kids in the US.

To be fair, there was some other little kids along the fence that kept saying "Thank you." I suppose it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are thanking me for being here. Probably they are trying to get me to give them stuff.


amateur.sophist said...

nice missile pods on that first picture. I think we could build those out of PVC and potatoes

Notorious said...

That is about all those things are... Aluminum tubes. From what I hear, they aren't particularly accurate. The Russians compensated by using a lot of them. If I remember right the minimum setting for the number of rockets to loose at one time is 4 or 6.

As it turns out, that was the last full flying day for that particular aircraft. As of the next day she was no more. Afghanistan is tough on helicopters. The crew was fine though.

Brohiem said...

You know when the little fuck bags threw rocks at us, we'd give them the ol' muzzle strike or ball them up and toss em in the trunks of our humvies. Even if we didnt process them, im sure walking 8 miles home through IED infested streets made them think twice about doing that again... so maybe throw em in the back of a chopper and toss em out just high enough to break their legs... they'll stop throwing shit at you or begging for infidel MREs... yes we fed them lots of pork, or my favorite, the MRE bag full of rocks toss out of the turret that beaned the little fuckers in the head. This may seem crass, but these are the same little kids that one day toss a grenade at you rather than a rock. OR drop one in your truck while trying to steal a pork ladden MRE. Also the fact that they can come up to your fense line to a point they can toss a rock at you leads me to think magnanamous security issues. I would not ever run with out at least your M-9 ever again. Im not gonna lie, it sounds like you are in a shithole. Although the way things are going there i wouldnt be surprised if my brigade gets redirected your way. So who knows maybe I'll see you by the end of the year.


Notorious said...

Actually, it isn't that bad here. There is running water (though non-potable) and the food is easy! What more is there?

I never go anywhere with out my weapons! (Holds up both hands in krate chop pose)