Friday, July 18, 2008

Entomology expedition successful!

Perhaps one develops a peculiar sense of what is fun around here. (Actual Conversation)

Notorious: "Hey, you want to go look for giant carnivorous arachnids in the dark?"

S*: "Sure! did you bring extra magazines..."

Notorious: "Always! also, lets go with 20 meter spacing, just incase."

I took these pictures tonight. I recommend clicking on the pictures to enlarge them. They are pretty spectacular animals... and much easier to study in a picture where they can't chase and jump at you.

Just for reference, the grating is about 3-4 inches deep...

A closer look. (Definitely expand this picture!)

These are actually different ones. Once we knew what to look for, you can find them all over.

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Anonymous said...

Zeus-damned face huggers!

Who would win in a fight between ten camel spiders, and one ninja with no legs?

Notorious said...

That would be a tough one.

Does the ninja have any weapons or he in a bare hard dirt arena? The Camel Spiders would just use a shooto as an opotunity to bite off a finger/hand... I think it depends on the conditions.

Anonymous said...

Bare hard dirt arena.

The ninja gets one shuriken, six feet of horsehair rope, one baby, and seven toothpicks.

The camel spiders get a +10 dexterity bonus, a +24 logistics bonus for home turf, and 65 pinecones attached to rubber bands.

Notorious said...


All Camel Spiders end up dead. The ninja dies of wound infections and blood loss 2 days later. One of the Camel Spiders happened to have been pregnant at the time of the fight. It managed to lay its eggs during the final moments of the attack behind one of the ninja's eyes. 158 baby spiders are born within three weeks.