Monday, June 09, 2008

Italian C-130

So, yesterday... I think it was yesterday... Anyways, recently I saw that two italian C-130Js were coming here for a quick turn. I figured, "what the hell, I'll go check... my flight isn't happening today." The aircraft comes to a stop... and out pops Matteo!

How about that shit!

Kodjo, Matteo says "hello to the little girl... and today you can eat bacon! Please don't be silly... It is not meat, it is bacon!"

Anyways. Matteo and I got to talk for about 40 minutes on the ramp here. We pretty much got caught up on everything. I related everything that has happened to me in the last year as far as career, cars, snowboarding, and women. He related everything pertaining to his career, skiing, women, the problems with buying duty free here and smuggling it back to Italy, and women again.

Conclusions: We decided that a) We need to find a snow covered hill sometime in the next year and a half, b) neither of us will EVER "chase" a woman again, and c) I should buys some rugs... and maybe some designer perfume.

Allison; yep, 40 minutes is all the time that is needed to exchange that much information, and that was even with earplugs on!

It is starting to seem like war zones are a lot like the University of Michigan Diag, eventually all of your friends will come by... Jr, See you soon somewhere eventually for sure, Veggie, I hope you like dirt and conex containers... because I might need a new roommate in a few months. Bro... well, we can work on the timing.


Chestocrates said...

It's like I always say, why chase women when it's so easy to buy them from russia?

Also, keep up the good work.

Bro said...

I will agree that war zones are a crossroads of everyone you know. There was a Log Convoy that ID'd an IED and so i got the task to take EOD there and on the way stopped to do a face to face with the convoy commander and it turned out to be one of my brother rats, I ran into them all over Kuwait... Theyd get all shot up and make it to FOB Summerall and then Id bump into them at battalion or in the chow hall. That is a pretty keen observation. I take it your box finally got there... Any questions?