Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Holy Airborne Particulate Batman!" or "...tastes like dirting"

This is posted purely because of my own ego and because I look so good and want you to see too. I could get a grooming standards waver if I needed, but unfortunately my guys all wear big mustaches instead of beards so I would be the odd one if I had a beard. Maybe this winter I will be able to take advantage of it, but I think beards have lost a lot of popularity among guys that want to look young since the Taliban left.

What do they say... "if you are scared of something, the best thing to do is face your fears." That's what this is. Lets combine Hot, High, and Dusty all at once. Can you feel the chest hair growing already!

This series was taken by one of the ANA pilots that was on the ground. We are practicing landing in dust... so we were expecting all this. Though pretty much everywhere around here you should expect this sort of thing to happen... even on the FOB's. My impression so far is that snow is worse to land in... but that may change the more I do this. It seems to me that you loose all the texture of the ground in the snow, and it doesn't quite happen as severely in the dust.

I know, it is pretty picturesque around here... (if you blow this one up, you can see some nomad tents in the background along the horizon.)

A rooster tail, but with out the threat of sharks!

Like being inside the ping pong ball... but orange, and a gritty.

Good, we are still upright in there!


Anonymous said...

have you determined what those nomads eat? (besides your dust clouds?)

Notorious said...

I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what it might be like to live their lives. Hard, brutal, and short is what I expect. I have asked a few people about the nomads but nobody seems interested in talking about them. Sort of like I am asking about the most unimportant boring subject in the world.

The nomads always seem to be herding sheep or goats. I imagine they have kind of a symbiotic relationship with their herds. Probably they eat a lot of dairy. Though, as you can see from the pictures there isn't much for the animals to eat either. Maybe some of the plants around here are edible for people too. Another interesting question is how do they move all their stuff. I am pretty sure they have donkeys... but still it would be tough going anywhere. From what I have talked to other people about, it seems that the nomads are not really subject to the ideas of countries or political boundaries. I think they winter in Pakistan and summer up in the mountains or in Uzbekistan... maybe.

Notorious said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw once on an episode of man versus wild when he tracked across the sahara and encountered (ahem staged ahem) berbers which are supposidely the local nomadic peoples. now if only i could remember what they ate! they did seem very wise though and some of the surprisingly old. i think bugs were involved in one meal along with dairy stuff.