Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Primitive Poetry:

(This is only to the malevolent stalker... not all you lovely stalkers that I like but wish you would leave a comment or send me an email if you have something to say.)

Ode to my malevolent stalker

You've deleted my emails
that weren't meant for you,
intercepted my post mail
I know you've done that too.

You lie and deceive
to keep someone's love,
now that is something
I hope that I am above.

Within five minutes
you'd threatened my life,
don't bother with me man
just make her your wife.

So you say your "connected"
Shit! maybe you're "mob"
but your bluffs went to far
you over-imaginative S.O.B.

Go ahead, pull your strings
and call out the hit,
they can come to a war zone
in their accomplishing it.

Actually, Never mind
just leave me alone,
cause I've got bitches to bang
and skills to hone.

(In reality I'm not banging any bitches, but the stanza went together so nice that I had to keep it.)

Just stop telling her lies
and don't spy on my shit,
I've got my own heartache
fuck off and leave me to it.

I am not your real problem
but I have a suggestion,
Why are you reading this?
now that's the real question!


amateur.sophist said...

I've said it before
I'll say it again
I feel like
I'm taking crazy pills.

(I need better rhymes, yo)

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, aren't you swimming in a sea of eastern-bloc hotties?

Also, anybody who knew anything would never seriously consider contracting you out. If they actually had any connections, they certainly would have some idea of the consequences.
(or maybe not, life's full of fools)

Anonymous said...

Everybody thinks they're big time these days. I imagine the only real connections he has are connected to someone else's balls.

Glad to hear things are well, hope you're enjoying yourself as much as I'm enjoying myself. Keep me posted on your where abouts and I'll make a few phone calls "on your behalf."


Hades said...

I've got your back, brother!

Jameson said...

I think it's time to slap some bitches.