Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The party gods sometimes have a divine task.

And sometimes that task is to build a party ark.

A guy in my building just graduated from collage. He decided to celebrate by getting a keg and having a party on the roof of the building. (It is always a good idea to mix beer and four story buildings!) I was hoping for impressive results. Unfortunately old man winter had other plans. The Temperature dropped into the thirties... and if you have ever met girls... they stop having fun standing around on roofs at 48 Deg F... You can see the problem. Well, I was standing around talking and I noticed that fewer and fewer people were out on the roof. "Where is everyone going?" I asked myself.

!I found them! There ended up being over 40 people in my apartment at one time during the night. (Some of you know how truly impressive this is!)

Damn... the bathroom is popular. (Check out the excellent guy to girl ratio!)

This is probably why everyone was in here...

A table-less beer pong game even developed in the hallway. There was mopping the next day... (Only one guy in the whole building owns a mop!)

Eventually I just went to bed around 2:30am... From what I hear, most people were gone around 4:30am.

The Fiat caught a case of Entropy. (As it turns out, I was able to decrease the entropy with wire cutters and heat.)

Also... Yes... I know... I don't need any more texts or phone calls... or notes on my windshield... I got it... "Fuck Off!"


R2 said...

Let me guess, you weren't the one guy in the building who owned a mop?!?!

Not to rub it in, but I do believe that WI won the last two weekends!!!

And if you are interested in time travel, or merely watching the past in the present, you should watch 'Deja Vu'.

Lois Lane said...

That makes me feel much better walking across our hallway knowing you mopped, because I certainly didn't.

amateur.sophist said...

Socially: I'm glad that when drunk chicks want to surround themselves by ten thousand airforce dudes, they associate your apartment with action.

Fiat: When did you get racing seats? And what are all those wires running along the driver side floor/side rail? There shouldn't be that much shit to control in the back of that car!

R2 said...

A.S. don't get the dudes in the pic confussed with AF dudes. I assure you that Nick was virtually the only AF guy at that party.

I saw the Fiat the other day... she looks bare, needs some paint or something on the inside...

amateur.sophist said...

good your lord... that means even BEFORE counting the air force, the dudes drastically out number the senioritas in that town.

Well, at least now i know where the antithesis of Montana is.

Notorious said...

I have had the racing seats for about 5 months now... 39 bucks from JC Whitney.

As for all the wires going to the back of the car... Beats me??? If you think about it, why is there that many wires at all. The only electric things in the car are the ignition, the lights, the instruments, and the defrost fan... why the fuck is there 4 million wires everywhere! I cleared out quite a few of them... I would disconect one, then see if everything worked. If it did, I took it out. I probably took out about 40 wires.

r2, yes... she does need some paint.

I don't think it is all of montana, just Great Falls.

Chestocrates said...


(slaps own face)

(returns to world were women are plentiful and lonely)

I would rather not live than live in a city with those ratios again.