Monday, January 01, 2007

Travel agent brochure

Great Falls: This shows some of the former "Great Falls" as well as the minor leage base ball park, and the Missouri River

Wild flowers high in the Little Belts
The top of Big Baldy in the Little Belt Mountains (They are about 30 Miles south of Great Falls.)

Typical on my drive to work. Actually Yellow Stone National Park is only 3 hours drive from here. (That is close)

The Marias River

The Judith River (though this is in spring time)

The guest bed.

Montana's progressive energy prduction capabilities. (There are about 200 more of these things within 5 miles of where I took this pic.


amateur.sophist said...

Wow- they got wind power their which means i could get a job and they got wide open spaces their, which means i could really break in a GTO.

these pictures are much more appealing than the last

amateur.sophist said...

also, i will blame my misuse of the the possessive pointer "their" in place of the appropriate "there" on both my history of and most recent, excesses of alcohol consumption

Notorious said...

Well, don't let it happen again!

Speaking of possesive adjectives, I noticed that you are not yet using "my" in referance to "a" GTO... I assume that you will also be correcting this shortly.

kodjo said...

Nice job with the plants, but when did you get a floral print couch??

Notorious said...

Rich Allison's wife, Stephanie, gave it to me. I guess it was his parent's before he had it and it didn't fit into her decoration scheme for Rich's house...

Free furnature... the best kind!

Anonymous said...

You guys have indoor plumbing yet?

it's pretty awesome.

(it makes the poop go away)