Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everyone loves pictures.

First of all, I am very sorry to Sam, Kodjo, Leanora, and Cheeky for completely forgetting to take a single picture wile I was you. I guess you now should come visit Montana... it's right on the way.

Jonny Five Bar spotted in a bar in Seattle with his new Hotty GF, Sarah. He does still exist!

The only picture I ended up taking of my brother... It was taken to show my mother the magic of sending pictures with a phone. I don't think she is sold on the idea.

No explanation needed.
Chestocrates pulling G's

Aerial recon photo of a chinese bicycle factory and the surounding worker housing. Find Chestocrates, he is waving!

Detroit in the distance, cold red glow in the for ground.

Moments before three thugs pick on the wrong Amature-Sophist. The bodies were found three weeks later in the trunk of a near by Buick. Their lips and udders seemed to have been removed by a laser.

Notorious... 'you only have to live in your own mind!'

"If" I were to get arested, what my mug shot would look like.
The Dakotas...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm glad our series of leopardskin, domestic violence, '76 Buick Electra photos failed to make the blog...and even more thrilled to learn your 14 minutes over the center of Lake Michigan was uneventful.

Notorious said...

Well unfortunatly I didn't have copies of any of those pictures... "Now get back in the kitchen or I'll have to blacken your other eye!"

yes, me too... Lake Michigan looked very cold! I didn't even sea any ships to ditch next to the whole crossing.

Notorious said...

see... my mind must have switched the sea for see given that I was thinking about ships.

amateur.sophist said...

now the truth is known; In Detroit, jabroni line up to get their asses handed back to them.

I'm even expressing a look indicating my displeasure with their oafish presence and the likelihood of my impending violent response.

(Did you notice how that old dude and his kid tries to ninja-cut in front of me when i was waiting to check out the Z4? I totally tossed his ass out like last week's trash)

Notorious said...

Yes nice work! though your words were, "Hey, I was in line." the implied meaning was, "Back off you oblivious clown before I have to disassemble you and your little sidekick and feed your remains to the smokeing hot though slightly aloof Mazarati I was in line... go look at Daewoos!" Man, the Autoshow is a rough place...

El Oso said...

HMMM where as i can see a certain level of satisfaction with dismembering ass clowns by hand, fire power allows for greater affects on the larger masses through splatter factor, and you dont soil your kicks with the Punks or your own sweat. And that picture of me needs to be erased.