Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some times the bar eats you.

This Saterday and Sunday where to be the first races of the season. Things started out with a lot of potential, but... sometimes...

The fifth turn of my first run this season. I departed the paved surface and snaged my wheel on the edge of a ditch. The lower driver's side A arm got pulled right off the crossmember and bent backwards. (Who doesn't love suspencion work.) So... I get to take it all apart again. This delays speed again for drivability. Well... at least my tranny didn't disassemble it self publicly! I also just got my first ignition timing light. This bears further investigation, but I think someone set things up backwards and the ignition advance actually runs backwards... Another reason to go for electronic ignition.

In other vehicle news, I put my truck in park last night and just as I did that, all the transmission fluid "drained" out. Things are looing grim.

"Drained" is a euphomism for a movement of fluid akin to kicking over a bucket.


amateur.sophist said...

Shit dude, that's a shit-sandwich. It also looks like your A-arm might be bent...? Aso, it seems like a pretty crappy design, under further review.

I checked out the that bracket while i was removing my 800lb exhaust system, so as to facilitate a tranny removal. Good luck pulling your engine.

Notorious said...

Yea, It may come to that... though the more I look at it, the more I think I gan get away with just jacking up the engine and removing the structures under it.

Any new news on your tranny?

kodjo said...

crappy cars = bad news (especially when there's no hot chick to drive you to the autoparts store)

Notorious said...

I agree.